Requirements to Live In Canada

Hi. My name is Shariffah and I am from Singapore. Married with 3 lovely children all girls.

I've lived in Kitchener, Ontario in Canada for about 5 months with my ex husband. Am now considering seriously staying in Canada with my present husband and 3 kids.

I LOVE Canada coz the people are genuinely friendly and accept people from all walks of life and culture. I have a great interest in Art and Handicrafts and I notice that it is in abundance there!

I really need to know what is required if a family of 5 would like to live in Canada permanently and call it HOME Lovingly.


:) Shariffah & Family

Welcome to Expat-blog, Shariffah :)

For first-hand information, i would suggest you to view the Life in Canada guide to have a general overview.



Thank You Sheetul for your advise. Will definitely have a look at it.


Hi All....

I went to the 'Life In Canada Guide' site and read through but it has made me so confused. Do not know under what category me and my family need to migrate to Canada.

There's no family in Canada to sponsor us. Am not self-employed nor am an investor. My hubby has worked with SMRT as a train Officer for 22 years but do not wish to do the same kind of job if we live there. I myself just started out as a REAL ESTATE AGENT in Singapore.

What we would like to do is open up a small food business as a start. Maybe something like a KIOSK. We're starting to save up for that and our migration needs.

Seems the window for us to migrate to Canada is SO very slim. I would really really appreciate any advice or suggestions.

Thank You All