Canam overseas consultant agency for CANADA immigration

Hello, I am an expat planning to go for further studies to Canada. I went to the canum agency today and they said that they do not garuntee immigration, however help in the completion of the documents and application process. I am already done with the application process and am soon to recieve acceptance. Should I use the help of canam for immigration / study permit stuff or do I just do it all on my own and DHL the documents? They said that they are going to charge 90 kd for sending the stuff and getting the papers collected. I don't really know there statistics of how many study permits applied for by them have really gotten through. So what I want to know is, are they just a rip off or should I go with it? I heard that the DHL offices are also helping with the immigration thing. They take the documents personally to abu dhabi and get it stamped but canam helps with the entire procedure. Anyone can share there experiences on this??

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Welcome to Sakhujag. I recommend to do your application by yourself. It is easy and the Immigration doesnt prioritize application processed by any immigration consultants or agency and doesnt guarantee a permit/visa. The queque is for you to see if you are qualified to study in Canada. You must have been accepted at a recognized school, university or college in Canada and meet the requirments and apply in Abu Dhabi I think (Emabssy of Canada in Abu Dhabi) Find out also the processing time as the school will begin in September..Please  Visit see under Temporary resident/To study. You will get all your question by visiting their site. Hope this will help you. goodluck!

Hi and  welcome. I agree with "honeyclotte" do your paperwork yourself. At least you know what you have sent in and also when it is sent. The CIC website is really helpful just make sure you have all your documentation sorted, translated if necessary and certified if required. It will make sure your application is not held up or returned.
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Thankyou for your responses. I am quiet nervous actually about doing it all on my own. I won't be leaving kuwait untill January so I deffinitely have plenty of time to do all the immigration stuff. But its giving me alot of stress and headache. I will try doing it all on my own because my parents don't really know anything about the entire process and we all are fingures crossed about me getting the VISA.

Don't be nervous just make sure you read the paperwork throughly and answer all the questions. Even if it is not apllicable right that. Do not use abbreviations as these are not acceptable. check, check and recheck everything before you send. Not like me forget to sign a form. Collate all your paperwork that is required and copy it. Unless it is requested to send originals send good copies with your application. The other thing to do is make sure you make a copy of all your paperwork that you send to keep for your records.

I have a file of paperwork that whenever i traveled out of Canada always accompanied me with all my certificates etc just in case I had any issues on my return.

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Alright I will try doing it on my own :)I should really start trusting in myself. Gosh

Btw how much money are we supposedly to show in our bank for the program? Is one year of tuition fee and living expenses enough??

Visit their official Immigration website..You can find it their. Keep reading..goodluck!