Request an explanation about immigration methods

Is it possible to immigrate to Canada without a lot of money?

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Yes it is possible but you will still need to have some savings. You need to have qualifications and work experience that are in demand. You might find an employer.

I suggest that you read the articles of the Living in Canada guide for expats

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Hello, thank you for your response. I have sent several e-mails. Every day I send approximately 235 e-mails to various companies and farms in Canada, and no one responds to my e-mail. I do not know why. I have been able to prepare a Canadian CV. I have... I have a good level of education, I have professional experience in the port, I do not know what to do

Have you tried on this website :

Maybe the type of job you are looking for is not in demand.

Yes indeed, I tried this website 3 years ago and I am still using this website until now. Thank you for the advice. Are you in Canada now?

Hello again, thank you for sharing this website with me. In fact, I used this website, but I did not find what I was looking for. The question is: Am I eligible to immigrate to Canada? I have tried all methods and have not succeeded in immigrating to Canada, especially searching for work and obtaining visa sponsorship from my employer since 2020. I have been sending my CV and no one is responding to my messages. I do not know why? Every day, I send approximately 233 emails to various companies and farms in Canada, even though I have a good level of education, have professional experience, and can speak English and French.    I don't know where the problem is? I know that Canada needs a large number of workers for the sake of residential balance and living in low-population provinces and cities. I was able to prepare a Canadian CV and used all job search sites in Canada and so far there is no result. Please, can you provide it to me? Really help if possible, have a nice day

@mohamed rachidi

Definitely, there is something wrong.

Your qualities seem more than okay. I think you should use a consultant for migration if you are serious about it.


The immigration consultant asks for a lot of money HHHHHHHH