Moving from UK to Canada

hi, i have actually joined to get information for my partner's family member who wishes to move from the uk to canada. He has skills in the construction industry, but has also recently qualified as a carer in a care home. He has a baby in Canada, hence the reason for him wanting to move. The problem is we are finding it very confusing trying to get information about what he actually needs to do the move there. We don't want him getting to vancouver and being turned away because he hasn't got 1 document, or piece of info that they need. He has applied for an eta, and is working through ircc forms but hasn't a clue and nor have we. Is there a simple step by step guide anywhere ? i have googled, but am not really getting the info i'm looking for. Can you offer any help/advice ? The chap that wants to move is 22, in good health, and currently working. Thankyou in advance. Oh, by the way, he isn't here at the mo as he's at work, and i was just googling looking for some info for him.

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Has be contacted the Canadian embassy yet : … x?lang=eng ?

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Yes, he's been working through the information on the High Commission website, but is finding it very confusing trying to work out what he needs to do first. He has applied for the eta, because he thought that would be the best way to go, now he's wondering if a temporary work visa might be better. Trouble is we don't know anyone who has moved to canada recently that can advise, and the immigration consultant i found online charges £80 for a half hour consultation. He was planning to fly out on the 16th of september, however that can't happen now.