how to apply for canadian jobs while living in saudi arabia?

Dear All !!!

Just want to know wether or not canadian companies hire expatriates from overseas. As i am living in saudi arabia and working as assistant finance manager in a logistics company. could some 1 please tell me how and where to apply . are there any sites specifically for that ?

I am A.C.C.A level 3 student working as assistant finance manager in RIYADH.



hi LP,

have you tried the following job sites:

i'm not sure if many firms will hire prior to obtaining your permanent resident status, or citizenship.

you may want to apply to large multi-national firms that operate in ksa which also have operations in canada. you can eventually apply for postings in cda. worth a thought.


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I am Jeffrey working here in Riyadh, is there a housekeeping or fast food there can i apply?


                    0966-050-2723248 (KSA)
      [email protected] , [email protected]
A high motivated, adaptable and an ideal team player with 8+ years experience with the following accomplishments;
•    Highway project; draw, rectify and present the cross-section of rural roads in hilly area of Republic of Yemen.

•    Site Engineer of different buildings along with the Interior Designing. 

•    Proficient in different engineering software's especially AutoCAD and MS-Office components.

•    Performed Value Engineering of different construction of and design processes/ phases.

•    QES-Trained (Quality Environment and safety) under the guidance of UK staff.

•    Ability to accomplish several task simultaneously and economically within target dates
•    DAE Civil Engineering From Govt. College of Technology LHR.    1996-1999
•    Diploma in Computer Skills 1999-2000

•    Father's Name        Muhammad Sarwar
•    Date of Birth         09 July 1979
•    Marital Status        Married 

•    Seven years + experience in working all kind of WINDOWS environment.
•    Excellent command on word processing and computation software's MS-Word & MS-Excel.
•    Excellent command on drafting (2D) software AutoCAD-14 to 2008.
•    Excellent command on drafting software Coral Draw-11, Adobe Photoshope.
•    Excellent command on 3D Studio 


FROM:DES.-5-2010    TO April 27, 2013

•    Storm Water Drainage Program KSA. (Jaddah)

FROM:16-02-2008    TO Oct. 2010
EMPLOYER    AL-Owaidah Saudi Arabia (Riyadh) 

•    Design and construction supervision of Building Hail KSA.

•    Design and Different Offices and Shopping Centers Riyadh.

FROM: 05-06-2006    TO 25-12-2008
EMPLOYER    Euro consult Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd.
POSITION HELD AND DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES:    Site Engineer  / CAD Command / 3D Studio
•    Design and construction supervision of NHA Regional Office Building Multan   

•    Planning, Design & Construction Supervision of Skill Development Centre (SDC) at Bagh, Azad Jammu & Kashmir

•    Planning, design & construction supervision
of Skill Development Centre (SDC) at Koza Banda, District Batgram and Khaki District Mansehra Consultancy Services for MEGA Projects Sindh Agriculture University, Tandojam

•    Design/Planning and Construction Supervision of Five (05) Construction Machinery Training Centers (CMTCs)

•    World Vision Hong Kong & Korea Funded – Emergency Education & School Reconstruction in NWFP-Pakistan (Designing of Ten (10) Schools in Tehsil Oghi District Mansehra.

•    Consultancy Services for Various Works at Lawrence College, Ghora Gali Murree (Design of various

FROM: 04-08-2004     TO  01-05-2006
EMPLOYER    MM Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd.

•    Design of Bridges of Lahore Faisalabad Dual Carriage Ways (BOT) Project.
•    Site Supervision of Lahore Faisalabad Dual Carriage Ways (BOT) Project.
•    Designs of culverts of Yemen Rural Road Access project.
•    Present the cross-section of rural roads in hilly area of Republic of Yemen.
    Attafa Structure
    Khamis Structure
    Maghbana Structure
    Turbah Structure
•    Rate Analysis of Culverts and Bridges.
•    Designing of Wagha Border Terminal.

FROM: 15-01-2003    TO 20-07-2004
EMPLOYER    Post & Lintel (Pvt.) Ltd.
•    Construction of EME Housing Society.
•    Construction of Different Offices and Shopping Centers.

FROM: 11-08-2000    TO 18-12-2002
EMPLOYER:    Hameed Masood (Pvt.) Ltd. / Kraftcon (Pvt.) Ltd.
Quantity Surveyor
•    Extension of “Quality Textile Mills”
•    Extension of “Amir Fabrics Ltd”
•    Main Head Office of “Kraftcon (Pvt.) Ltd.”
Site Engineer / CAD Command
•    Construction of “Multan Public School”
•    Construction of “Sapphire Textile Mills Unit (Weaving)”
•    Construction of “Sapphire Fibres Ltd.”

FROM: 15-02-1999    TO 30-07-2000
EMPLOYER:    Selecto Associates (Pvt.) Ltd. / Fairway Associates (Pvt.) Ltd.
•    Preparation of Structural design including Culverts, Bridges and Buildings.
•    Site Supervision of “PEPSI Corporation (Pvt.) Ltd.”
•    Site Supervision of “Valencia Housing Society.”

LANGUAGE & DEGREE OF PROFICIENCY:                   Language                     Spoken               Written/Reading
English                      Excellent            Excellent
Urdu                         Excellent            Excellent
Arabic                       Good                 Good

Hello KamranSarwar -> Could you please post your cv in the Jobs in Canada section? :)

Thank you,

I will send u by email

Hello Muhammad Fakhar -> Could you please introduce yourself? Maybe you can share your infos on the forum. This will be useful to other members as well. :)

Thank you,

Good evening,

Some of tthe most popular job sites are,,
I don't want to discourage you but it is very unlikely that a company will hire someone from overseas.  They will want to meet you fro interviews.  It only happens for executive position or very specific research or university teaching.  Recuiting for these jobs are usually managed by professionnal recruiter who solicitate a limited pool of qualified people.

Good luck... you never know?

Hello all,

Thanks danie for you information, you're absolutely correct. NOTHING TAKES THE PLACE OF A PERSONAL INTERVIEW and even if you do find any leads or receive job offers while you're abroad you will most certainly have to come to Canada for a personal interview at some point before you are actually hired.

You may be able to find prospective jobs by contacting the Human Resources Department of multi-national companies in your home country that also operate in Canada. If they can't actually help you in terms of placement they will usually be able to put you in contact with someone in their Canadian HR Department.

Only top-executives and administrators are searched out by recruiters (headhunters) and this is done only for very specific positions, the most qualified people and usually those who are already administering major corporations. The job of the headhunter is mostly to try and persuade these individuals to leave their present position for a better offer.

For us "little guys" it's always going to be a lot of leg work, job hunting in person and hoping to do well in a personal interview.

Job search websites are really only effective for people who are already in the particular location's labor market and available for personal interviews. It would be extremely unlikely you could find a job through a website, apply from abroad and acutally get that job without ever have come to Canada and been interviewed. It would be like winning a lottery, and the chances are probably about the same.  Cheers,
  William James Woodward – Brazil Animator, Expat-blog Team

:)hi dear sir i want to go canada i have wish to work there and i want a job in canada so plz help me how to i find out the job there and have any visa the i apply...

Hello awais israr and welcome to :)

Would you mind introducing yourself first ;)

You should also give more precisions and tell us in which sector you're willing to work in.

I suggest you also to read the following articles:

- Visas in Canada

- Work in Canada

Hope it helps.

Thanks and good luck

Karen :)

IT people might be an exception: our skills can be assessed accurately enough remotely via skype interviews to get hired from overseas. Good developers are in high enough demand for companies to pay recruiters and even sponsor work permits.

EDIT: This was supposed to be a response to wjwoodward's post.

For those who are looking for a job in Canada I would suggest
the following websites:

1. Alberta Learning Information Service

2. Service Canada Job Bank

By briefly browsing the websites, I discovered that these are good resources for job seekers.

Please do share your experience and tips in using the websites and how it help in searching for a job.

hi .im looking for a job in here in riyadh right wondering if i can apply from here.

@ cutify2013 -> Please refer to the above thread for more informations. You should also precise the sector in which you're willing to work in. Thanks. Karen :)


Hi Michael,

Your first step is to navigate to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada official government website, fill out the online information and see if you qualify for a visa.

You can look for jobs on sites like   or 

Just remember that it will probably be much easier and more productive if you contact multinational companies (in your line of work) in your home country that also have operations in Canada. If they can't help you directly in terms of placement assistance, they probably can at least put you in contact with the right people in their Canadian operation's HR Department.   

William James Woodward - Brazil & Canada Expert, Expat-blog Team

Hi.. how can i apply in canada

Hi maico16,

If you're talking about applying for a job in Canada then you have several options, finding a job through the websites I mentioned above, newspaper HELP WANTED ads, Employment Canada offices all have a board that they post all their available jobs on too. Then you take your CV/Resume and deliver it to the company or individual offering the job. Then you wait for a phone call to attend an interview. You should always check back about every 2 months wherever you leave a CV, if nothing else it shows them you're still interested and available.

If you're talking about applying for a visa....

William James Woodward, Expat-blog Experts Team

Hello Mr william which is preferable to choose from the online visa application, is it work visa or permanent residence visa, as i wish to go with my spouse and kids.
Thanks for your usual assistance and more grease to your elbow

First of all, I wouldn't recommend jumping right into a Permanent Visa application for ANY country, not even Canada... immigrating to another country permanently is not for everybody, it is never an easy thing to adapt regardless of what country.

If you are thinking about Canada, I'd suggest that you try and find a job offer here and then apply for a work visa though the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website. That would permit you to bring your family along and it would give you the opportunity to get to know the country much better, see if the salary v. cost of living is going to be ok for you and to decide at a more leisurely pace if you want to make Canada your permanent home or not. If after some time in the country you decide that it's where you want to spend the rest of your life, then apply for PR at that time.

William James Woodward, Expat-blog Experts Team

Thank you sir once again for your reply, it is greatly appreciated.
Another problem sir is am a general practitioner doctor, i dnt know how to get job there, any input you give me will be appreciated sir


If you're looking to work as a medical doctor in Canada then you will have to get your diplomas recognized.

See the Service Canada website page for "Having your Credentials Recognized"

William James Woodward, Expat-blog Experts Team

Hi,, im here in al khobar saudi arabia,,, I like to apply from here

Dear friends,

I am basically an Electrical Engineer and I have an experience in sales for 5 years now, i will be interested to migrate to canada, could you please let me know at what basis i can apply there???i mean PR or i can apply directly to the jobs availble there??

Also i would like to know, some one from other country will be able to work in canada as sales engineer?? because as i know most of the countries specially in sales, companines will hire local residents.

Am an Sales engineer working in HVAC industry.

Looking forward for your inputs.

Parvez Ahmed.

sir  i would like to ask what the first step to apply in canada? im here now in jeddah saudi arabia an i just want to apply in canada. what should i do first ?


Before you embark on this journey, embark with caution.

To practise as a license engineer in Canada as a foreign trained one, you need to re-sit for an engineering license in Canada.

see … raduates-0

However if you are purely going for any other round the mill kind of job, then that's a different story.
I hear that skill trade jobs are popular in Alberta because of Oil and Gas. For example welding, carpentry, boiler man, etc. However, you need to be license too for those before you work here and if you do have license from another country for that trade, you still need to get a conversion (i guess). This site should have more information on that http://www.internationallytrainedworker … ecognition

Of course another important requirement of all time is "perfect" command of the English language. I cannot stress how important that is.

If you all these basics are present, then use job search sites like

and a host of other jobs sites...

how to apply canada jobs when i'm here in saudi?

hello sir,
                 could i get  apartment keeper jobs in canada

Based on my observation, at least here in downtown Halifax, NS, apartment superintendent jobs are mainly given to couples. They tend to prefer local Canadians for the job. Of course it all depends on the owner of the apartment building.

The only way is to immigrate here..the employers in Canada have a lot of trouble with the governemont when its comes to hire an overseas employees. they insist on the fact they have a lot of people qualified looking for job all over canada. The employers have to prove that they've done all they can to find a qualified employee before submitting overseas employment request!
i hope its answers out all your questions.
Out of curiosity, why you want to apply for jobs in canada? what about saudi arabia, Qatar or Emirates?

you o through the website JOBBANK.CA ,this is canada government official job portal.other than all websites,once you register and make job alerts then keep on apply jobs until you will get reply from employer.most of the job seekers got jobs through this website.
so best of luck


Generally you would need a job offer in order to work in Canada. You may wish to start with sites like or to find employment opportunities. However, you need an employer who has difficulty finding a Canadian to do the job. The employer will have to apply in Canada for a labour market opinion - in essence, permission to hire you.

      Sir I'm in Saudi Arabia how can i apply  Canadian jobs while in Saudi Arabia
I have good knowledge of Disturber , Security guard, taxi drivers, also i have Saudi and Qatari license.
any of foiling Poussin. ready to done so please send me male  foiling  homesitaula1988@gmail,com

Dear sir
            I'm working in Saudi I'm wnt to work in Canada bec I have experience of 9 years in hospitality I'm working now in Japanese rest I have experience in continental, Mediterranean,cuisine I'm looking fowadr to work in Canada as any position.

i want job in canada i tried 2 years. any interview available in your side just inform us please this is for my request. because i want go to Canada this is my aim.

Good day!i was in jubail saudi arabia i wanna apply or work in canada but i didnt have any idea where and when me previous work is in tire manufacturing company named yokohama for a tenure of 9 yrs in philippines as a machine oprt/forklift driver

hi there how to apply in canada i currently work here in saudi arabia as wheel alignment technician please help me thanks

Hi sir/mams,i was looking for a job somewhere  in canada would you please help me,?i am work in salon for 7years as a beautician?