Snowshoeing in Ottawa !

What's a marvellous way to get through the winter Canadian than to indulge in winter activities.

I joined a group of people I did contact by the net in a social web site and decided to organize a day of snowshoeing. .

We met in downtown me and one of the participants of Indian origin, I waited with my snowshoes and we talked a little just the time that two other people in cars joined us.

A few minutes later we hit the road and we discuss about the beautiful weather, not too cold, with a bright sun and the sky was cleared a bit.

We arrive at the visitor center of Chelsea, we park the car and wait for the rest of the group. Some will rent their rackets at the visitor center itself, the other took the opportunity to go to the toilet because it will make a good hour or two walking in the open snow.

Once the group assembled we head to the alley No. 60 on our snow shoes and start our little tour of the day ...

The snow was consistent and making a perfect place to walk with our snowshoes and also contemplated the beauty of Gatineau Park.

We walked a lot, some hills slopes me breathless but the winter beauty of this park worth it, then we took pictures and I did not forget to bring a large bottle of juice to share with all those nice persons.

Back after , we relaxed around the visitor center we had the idea to take a nice hot chocolate in a small cafe that beautiful little village of Chelsea, there was a nice little room with colorful walls giving an atmosphere of a Moroccan lounge, and friendly discussions give participants a warmed atmosphere of this journey.

The day finished with a great thank to the organizer and everyone goes home, though there are even some who had intended to go skating on the Rideau Canal ....

I'd go next time and I'll tell you how it was, with photos ...
I'll let you watch these pictures of the day:

Nice photos with good description...Thanks for sharing