Companies hiring foreigners in canada 

Hi, I've been watching  YouTube  and see many people saying  Canadian companies hiring foreigners with or without job experience, but when calling companies on;  and LinkedIn, it's seems  that this managers they are not even aware that they are legally  right to hire foreigners  outside.  So please I need more clarity on this.  Is there any company that can hire  foreign workers outside Canada? Please send me a clear information... like company name  or a direct  link of that particular work let say in the farm industry. Or cleaning job.

Thanks a lot

@Patrick81 check our blog with more information ***

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how can you get a direct employer here when applying for a job in Canada Canada

@Patrick81,am also following keenly on the information shared on social media about Jobs on farming, and care workers job.I would like someone living in Canada to share what they know and if this is correct .I see most people being scammed . Getting a job in any countries is not easy and i would wonder why and how you can get a job in canada with not experience or qualification. However, if there is any good link for employers someone to share the link here


@ngechu am alao the website called canadajobbank they never reply even once  nomater how many applications you have sent