The work culture in Canada

Hello everyone,

As an expatriate, working in Canada can present unique opportunities but also challenges. Discovering new communication styles, adapting to new cultural norms... working in Canada can be both exciting and confusing.

Share your experience to better understand the work culture in Canada and facilitate the professional adaptation of people who are wondering about it.

How would you define the work culture in Canada?

What was the most difficult thing for you when you started working?

What made the biggest impression on you?

How did you fit into your team?

Thank you for your contribution.

Mickael team

I came to Canada as a permanent resident, knowing very well I'll apply for citizenship in 3 years as I wanted to make Canada my home. I went back to college and applied for jobs. I learned about Canadian history, culture, tried to familiarize myself with ice hockey. When you are in Rome, do like the Romans. The integration was not difficult. Canadians are very welcoming and warm.

I hear what you are saying Xenophon and agree. I cam here recently too, hoping to apply for citizenship in 3 years then see what I do. I don't think i'll ever like Hockey, but Football is nice, what they call "soccer" here. The team was recently in the world cup so it would be interesting to catch a few games, especially since Canada will be a co-host of the next world cup <3

@Mickael I am a Canadian. In recent years, Canada witnessed many international students migrating here for higher studies. I feel proud of Canada attracting foreigners for a good reason.

I'm waiting for certain things to come over to Canada as a visitor i want to experience Canada keep it up your contributions are very vital to me