Start my career in Canada

Hello, my name is Audrey, I am 20 soon to be 21.

I'm learning commerce and business marketing in a master's degree, I'll finish my studies in 2 years.

Following my studies I would like to come and start my career in Canada, being a strategic and operational marketing consultant in a firm would be my dream, and I hope with experience I could become an expert in my field.

I am starting to research and monitor the marketing market.

I don't know where exactly I want to go in which province, nor how to go about it.

See you soon1f601.svg

Hello Audrey and welcome on board !

The first step would be to browse through the Official Canadian website to know more about the immigration programs … enship.htm

Entry Express is one of the most popular programs : … entry.html

You may also search for opportunities on the following website and apply :

Also, feel free to read the Living in Canada guide for expats for in-depth information about provinces : Living in Canada guide for expats

All the best