Work in Canada

I'm a professional barber hairstylist makeup artist and a colourist and I want to work in Canada how can I find an Canadian employer who could hire a worker outside of Canada


hello and welcome !

You can search for opportunities on the following website :

You may also create your CV in the Job offers in Canada section of the website for better exposure.

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@Bhavna thanks for your kind heart and information but I already had visited the site and created the resume. Its been 8,9 months I didn't get any response. Thank you so much


Danish sad that you aren't getting any response from jobbank. Try visiting LinkedIn. If possible, prospective foreign jobseekers who are having difficulty applying for jobs online may have better luck by visiting Canada on a visitor visa and applying for jobs in person.

Hello everyone.  My name is arif khan.  I am 38 year man from Pakistan.  I want any job in Canada .  Currently I am located in Pakistan.   Kindly help..


@Arif Khayal

Check the jobs section top of this page.

You can create your CV there and post it there too. This is a free service for members.

@stumpy.    Thank you so much. 

@danishgill382 where are you from?

Create a professional resume that highlights your experience and skills. Include links to your portfolio of work and references from previous employers or clients. Register on online platforms that specialize in finding jobs in Canada, such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster and others. Create a profile, post your resume and start looking for jobs. Connect with professionals in the Canadian hairdressing industry through social media and professional events. Meetings and recommendations can help you find an employer.