U.K. Plumber in Canada

Hi I'm a qualified plumber from Scotland and came to Canada two years ago. So before arriving in Canada contact the college of trades and get your proof of work experience which can take time. Once you get that you will be given a 3 month provisional plumbing license and then you will have to sit your red seal interprovincial exam. The plumbing is quite a bit different here and takes a lot of getting used to. I looked many times for answers on the internet but found little so just thought I'd put this up and if anyone has any questions feel free to fire away.

Hi mate seen your post, im from glasgow and a qualified plumber and heating engineer. Im in the process of sorting my visa and preparing to come out. What college would i have to contact to get the provisional license and how easy did you find work when you went over ?



Im hoping to move out to Canada within the year. Im a heating Engineer in Scotland and have been for 4 years.

I know that there plumbing is different than it is over here but coming from a heating Engineer background do you think it is easy enough to merge into the plumbing trade in Canada ?

Iv bought the national plumbing code book and also exam workbook, and to be hounest there is a fair amount in it that I'm unsure about...is that something that will cause an issue or do most employers expect this and provide training ?

Any info would be much appreciated 😁


Lam a qualified plumber in south africa hoping to come to Canada. L sent my documents for Trade Equivalency Assessment (TEA) last year in august 2017 at Ontario College of trades and up to now i havent received anything from them but they say  it takes 8 - 10 weeks. i wrote to them and they said its being processed. if l may ask, how long does it take to obtain TEA.

Thank you


Hi mate, looking to move to Toronto and hopefully get work as a plumber, got 14 years experience in Scotland but I am not gas certified, do you know if that would prove any difficulty at all?

Hi mate, I was a plumbing and heating engineer in England. I've been working for a underfloor heating company for the last few months in Toronto, and wondering if there is a fast track from the gas safe to the similar qualification?

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