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Hello everyone am Hitesh am 28 years from Mauritius a small island in the indian ocean and actually me and my fiancee are seeking for help to immigrate in Canada by the help of someone serious as in the past we had been fooled by a guy who said he was an agent who recruit people to work in Canada and as a fool we sent him money by money gram and he sent us false papers and air tickets, i lost hope till the day a friend of mine told me about this blog and hope that someday someone can help us to immigrate to Canada honestly as we are not rich people here in Mauritius.

Hi hitesharshu,

how can we help ? What kind of jobs are you looking for ?

heavy bus driver job plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Hi Julien, im in the process of applying for immigration, was wondering how the job scene is for Hospitality Professionals especially for Front Office, Reception, Reservations...etc. Im planning to live in Toronto.
Regards, Eric.

Hi khattak33,

A brief presentation about you will be much appreciated.

Hi Eric, :)

I hope other members will be able to advice you very soon.

I wish you good luck

Thanks Christine for your prompt reply. Looking forward to hear from other members, Regards, Eric.

why not try looking for some work online like in odesk. there are lots of online works there...

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