Primary industry in Toronto


I've been to Toronto a few times and I'm considering a major career and lifestyle change to the area. I am an Instructional Systems Designer (e-learning development). I'm also a certified web developer. What is the primary industry in Toronto? Is their a major technology focus?


hi james, i am pretty new here to, moved from south east asia. about an year ago.
for one, finance industry seems to be big here. from what i can see.

Hi James,

I do agree somewhat with Mo, that it appears to be finance.  But if you consider it, most people are doing what they're passionate about.  (For example, did you know how big the entertainment industry is here? It's cheaper to film at the studios here in Toronto and hire actors than in Hollywood)

If you do have some time off this is a great opportunity to evaluate different roads and paths, (most people never get this chance) and who knows, maybe you will discover that you're meant to be your own own boss.  If that's something you might want to explore, the magazine I work for, Business Exchange Magazine has listings of businesses and franchises for sale in Canada.  Even if you work a job, I know plenty of people who have a side business as well.

I always tell a lot of people (myself included) to attend an expo show to get a small taste or an idea.  The smallest inkling could turn into a passion.  We have the Business Franchise and Investment Expo coming up October 1st and 2nd 2011 in Toronto. 

Anyway, I sincerely hope you decide which sector to get into, and find a job, and I want to wish you all the best. 

Puneet Dutt

Hi James,
         According to me it depends on a person who wants to working , IT industry is best. They provide best environment to employees. If you want to start a business then you will have many options. I also accept that finance industry is growing so well. But you may get success in other industries depends on your smart-work and passion. I am working from last five years in an IT company in Toronto and just about to start a new web development company here.