Help the check the Job offer letter received from the Sysco Pvt Ltd

Dear All,
Today i received a letter from one of the Indian visa processing company issued an offer letter ,
Please assist to verify this letter and if there any process confirm it will be more better.

Balamurugan. P

EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT Contract Reference No: NG/IN/7140898
Name: Balamurugan Pandurangan
Passport No: XXXXXXXX (Renewal)
Address:- 21 Four Seasons Pl Suite 400, Etobicoke, ON M9B 6J8, Canada Phone: +1 416-234-2666

Dear Mr. Balamurgan Pandurangan
With reference to your application and subsequent online questionnaire we are pleased to offer you employment at SYSCO PVT LTD Employment is subject to terms and condition.
I. Approved Designation : Storekeeper,
II. Period of Contract :The contract will be valid for a period of 2 years from the official date of joining and it is renewable after the period of 2 years.
III. Remuneration and perquisites: i. Monthly Salary : 4000 CAD/- ii. 3800 CAD/- and two months upfront salary on joining. iii. Annual leave of one calendar month for each complete year of employment will be allowed to you, this is calculated for two years and availed together, leave enchainment will also be permitted at management discretion.

iv. Leave passage : Return air-ticket for economy class will be paid for you, Payment of two months benefit is also geared toward making sure that all employees have enough money in his/her account as the Canadian expatriate statutory law would demand(CEFSL). Newly recruited staff of SYSCO LTD (you) will reside at the company's staff estate, there are single bedroom and flat option to choose from, You shall at the canteen eat free of charge as there are dietary option for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The first two months upfront salary benefit shall be paid in advance before any employee of ( ) comedown to his\her SYSCO LTD Cost officially, this is enable SYSCO LTD staff cover all his/her domestic needs on arrival, and as such no excuse will be entertained on resumption of duty relating to default. A. Working hour: you will be required to work eight(8) hours a day and forty hours a week.
Termination : This contract may be terminated by either of the parties on giving three(3) months' notice in writing on payment of equivalent to one month salary in lieu of the notice compensation in lieu of the notice period will given. We have in file, your Resume, Job Application and other important data. After the evaluation of these documents we found you qualified to work with our team, hence SYSCO LTD CANADA to employ your services as a Storekeeper As stipulated in the following acts in this document. This document embodies the approved terms for the purpose of this contract. JOB TITLE (Storekeeper) PROBATION •

The employee is appointed on a probationary basis for a period of Three(3) months. Upon the successful completion of the probationary period, the employee will become a permanent employee. • During the probation period, the employee will be assessed as to their ability to perform the job requirements. •

The employee will also be assessed as to their ability to work in harmony with fellow employees ,to get on with clients, co-workers etc, apply themselves diligently to their duties without any supervision and to generally fit into the SYSCO LTD work practices and culture. • In the event of the employee not performing to the required standard, this will be brought to the attention of the employee and where appropriate assistance and guidance will be given to overcome these obstacles. •

Should the employee fail to meet the required standards of performance or behavior their appointment will be terminate at the end of the probation period or sooner in the event of such failure necessitating earlier termination or dismissal. • During the probation period, all SYSCO LTD rules, •

procedures and regulations will apply with the exception of those, which • are affected by the probationary period. HOURS OF WORK Your normal working hours are from 9am to 5pm, break time will depend on the Client flow. JOB CONTRACT DURATION Two years Renewable / Permanent staff. SCOPE OF WORK SHALL INCLUDE BUT NOT LIMITED TO: • Devote all your time and attention during normal business working hours and such reasonable amount of additional time as may be necessary on an unpaid basis having regard to the exigencies of the assignments of the to the SYSCO LTD business and affairs of the SYSCO LTD. •

You shall not devote any time or attention during normal working hours to any other concern or business without the previous written consent of the SYSCO LTD having been obtained. • At all times faithfully, promptly and punctually carry out and perform all your duties as may confirm with your position or with such duties or functions that may be delegated or assigned to you on behalf of the Directors or by your superior. • Generally use your best endeavors properly to conduct, improve, extend, develop and protect the business and interest of the SYSCO LTD in order to preserve its reputation and goodwill. • Submit to the Directors or your immediate superior such information as may be required in connection with the business or affairs of the SYSCO LTD, and prepare such report in such form as may be required by the Directors or by your immediate superior. SALARY INDICATION • You will be eligible to receive 4000 CAD/ month. Salary can be transferred to any Bank designated by you in or abroad. •

JOB COMMENCEMENT DATE (Could be extended on application) • ANNUAL LEAVE • You will be entitled to 30 (Thirty) working days leave per annum. Leave must be taken at such time or times as are convenient to the SYSCO PVT. LTD. Leave not taken when it is due, otherwise than at the insistence of the Company, may / not be accumulated. NON- RESIDENTS: • It is our official policy that our employees must pay relevant fees to the concern authorities for the commencement of employee traveling to job location, as a proof of the readiness to join our team. The agreement hereby binds employer and employee in that re-imbursements will be made fully to employees upon presentation of expense reports and receipts of expenses. BENEFITS/ACCOMODATION • All Employees are expected to reside at the SYSCO PVT. LTD. Staff quarters which are three bed rooms flat for family status and two bed rooms flat for single status / already furnished. • Dietary options, Customized cooks are available options for food in case of local / international dishes, we have Chefs from various countries to handle • such food options. MEDICAL BENEFITS • SYSCO LTD provides free medical and medical insurance to employee for the term of contract, and follow-on care for injuries suffered during the term of contract for employee. SAFETY & SECURITY • Safety and security of personnel (Local/Foreign) and facilities on Job Locations and communities are no small issues, and have been seriously considered to ensure and assure hitch free operations. • All operations on Job Location are designed to adhere strictly to the Health Safety and Environment. • All expatriates are entitled to a free and mandatory safety courses on Job Locations to be delivered by qualified safety and environment experts. BE DULLY INFORMED THAT You are to pay for visa fees and work permit, free air ticket will be sent to you. With this contract, any past contract signed by you with us or with any of our sister companies or with any of our representative are to be treated as null or void. You should not have any objective to work, if you're to be in any way transferred to any of our group company.

Yours Sincerely, JOEL GRADE Executive Vice President ACCEPT JOB OFFER By signing and dating this letter below,
I Tel: Accept the job offer of By SYSCO CANADA LTD. Signature :…………………………………… Date:………………………………………… BALAMURUGAN PANDURANGAN


Are you in Canada as a Permanent resident? or a tourist visa?

This looks like a bogus offer  just by reading the following:
NON- RESIDENTS: • It is our official policy that our employees must pay relevant fees to the concern authorities for the commencement of employee traveling to job location, as a proof of the readiness to join our team.

Thank you for your input..
Am an Indian working presently in Nigeria
More interested for Canada Jobs, that is the reason am looking

this is mentioned for work permit visa for 2 years period after they will extend for another 2 years period


May be you should familiarise yourself with terms and conditions of getting a work permit to work in Canada : … nship.html

especially the work permit section: … anada.html

FWIW and sorry for being blunt, I doubt a storekeeper is considered as a  skilled worker or trade person for Express Entry candidate … anent.html

Any "prospective employer" ( sic) asking for fees before you are even delivered a work  must be treated as a scammer !

Know the rules and regulations on how one can work in Canada - it is on the government site.

BTW: There is NO SYSCO PVT. LTD in Canada 
You have SYSCO as a company :


NON- RESIDENTS: • It is our official policy that our employees must pay relevant fees

This is a very common scam. You pay their fee, then then find a reason to ask you for more .. and more  ... and more.
Forget this and watch out for the other million thieves doing the same thing.

Dear All,
Today i received a letter from one of the Indian visa processing company issued an offer letter ,
Please assist to verify this letter and if there any process confirm it will be more better.