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Updated 2019-05-02 13:56

According to CCTV News, Toronto is the 6th worst city for commuting in the world and the worst in Canada. The implication of this is that even though travelling from one part of Toronto to another is not impossible, it is actually very stressful.

Work commute in Toronto

Quoting Expert Market, CCTV News analysts said that the reason for this painful commuting experience is the sheer length of rides and drives in Toronto. The report states that the average Toronto worker spends more than a football match's full-time plus some added time (96 minutes) commuting in a single day and that an average transit user in the Queen City spends 14 minutes in a day waiting for a bus or a train, a lot of time if you have a deadline to meet or you are already late for work. Congestion and lack of reliable transit is a serious problem.

While this problem exists, it shouldn't be a deterrent to anyone who wishes to move to Toronto since the millions of people who live and work in the city have survived it for years. It is necessary, however, to find out what has worked best for Torontonians in terms of comfortability and affordability.
It's better if you already have a car and wouldn't mind driving through the traffic! Otherwise, you may want to consider some other options.

The different options

There are many options available including streetcars and trains. People take advantage of some existing arrangements to save-cost or feel more comfortable while commuting to work. Some of these arrangements include the public transport system, carpooling, etc.

Public transportation

The public transport system allows Torontonians to get a monthly pass that allows them to travel within a particular region of Toronto for example York Regional Transit (YRT). This arrangement is far better than individual fares in that it costs considerably less.

If you want something that will not too costly obtaining a GTA Weekly Pass wouldn't be a bad option especially if your trip involves more than two transit systems, five days a week. At $61 per week, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) Weekly Pass is a great bargain compared to most other arrangements.

Ridesharing or carpooling

An excellent option for those that want to strike a balance between cost-saving and comfortability is ridesharing or carpooling. Carpooling is an arrangement whereby several people travel together in the same car to save cost or reduce pollution. Carpooling apps including BlancRide are readily available on Google's play store or Apple store. You can join a carpool travelling through your route. You get to preserve your car, reduce both the city's traffic congestion and carbon emission, and gain extra time to catch up with co-workers after or before work.

An alternative

A final option is to find a house close to your work environment. That way you only need to walk from your home to your work. People rent condos in mixed-use skyscrapers housing their company's offices. Some companies also have campuses where staff live and work within the same location.

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