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I would like to knw if there are any1 with a Beng degree from university of mauritius currently working in canada as an engineer (or jr eng.,EIT)on this forum. Generally are engineering degrees Frm UOM) considered equivalent to canadian ones?

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Hey WS,

It will depend on whether you wish to enter an occupation or pursue further studies, whether your chosen occupation is regulated or non-regulated, and the province/territory in which you intend to settle.

Another thing, in which category are you going to apply to live in Canada? And are you eligible to apply?

The UoM degree might help you the get the points under the education section, and that's all.

Most individuals who plan to come to Canada to settle permanently and who wish to enter the labour force will need to know the value of the education, training, and experience they have acquired outside Canada. Here is the link to have your degree get evaluated.

If you do get the PR status to live as an immigrant, the best option is to further study or upgrade to a Canadian degree.

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thnks alot Yafmil for ur input...i'm still weighing the prospect of immigrating to canada and want to know what my options are..i would prefer to able to work rather than pursue further studies or do it part time..
do anyone know ppl went down this road already?i.e UOM degree and regulated employment?

anyone out there?No engineers from university of mauritius in canada?Looking for some peace of mind...


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