Visa extension application for Morocco


I am looking for a document to extend my visa in Morocco. I am unable to find via google. I have three months visa and I wish to extend further, I have done it two times previously and I always had to download that document. I thought I have saved it somewhere.

Thank you for any help and knowledge!

It is very simple just go nearest police station where you stay, department foreign (in Arabic Maktab Ajanib) take with you original passport (if you stay hotel or furnished apartment just take receipt but may be they will not ask)

Hi hulluke
Did u manage to find the form to extend your visa? I am looking to extend mine n my family visa too any info will be great help. Thanks

No form to extend visa in Morocco, just go police office with your original passport, before I extended like this.

I am an Indian from Delhi

Thanks dolle.

Hi Dolle, I'm facing the same issue. I went to the immigration officer in the Marrakech police office but they refused to extend it. I just need 2 extra days. Where did you get yours extended?

same city police station

I have now residence permit for Morocco

Which city was it?

I already tried in Marrakech and they refused. I'm an Indian too, and currently have a 30 day tourist visa. I need to extend by just two days.

how hard for to get your resident in Morocco please let me

@GuestPoster1980 i need more information about visa extension and residency card on visit visa. I am in casa, can we have a little talk. I am from India.

I been to several police station and police head quartes in different cities like casablanca,agadir,mekenes and tangier in Morocco for extending my tourist visa but police guys refused to help me to extend my tourist visa...As per the rule the only way is You can go out of the country and get your new tourist visa and get it stampped to come back to Morocco

I got a job in Morroco, company is saying process a work visa from India. anybody please assist me, where to apply or is there in agency who can process my work visa in India. What is the process and what documents is required. how much time it will take to get the visa. pls assist me. I am from Kolkata in India.

@reyboom you need approval from anapac which is Moroccan agency. Your employer need to contact them and should get approval from that. You need to produce that original documents of approved work contract while your visa process in BLS delhi or Mumbai and rest other formalities are normal.


Im on a 30 day tourist visa, and went to the local police station in Tangier for visa extension. my visa is running out in a few days, and they havent granted my extension yet. They have given a receipt saying I applied fore the extension and that is the only document they have. Is it possible for me to stay with it even though my visa will expire?


Go to Spain for the Weekend or4 or 5 days , then reenter Morocco with a 90 day visa.

That's how I understand its done.

I believe you are state member of the EU. you can go to Ceuta or Melilla, cities part of Spain and come back and automatically they extend your stay. but you need to ensure how many days you are allowed to stay in Morocco withing 6 months period for tax purposes in your country or Morocco otherwise you become tax resident.