Spouse Visa - Morocco to UK

hi everyone.

so, i'm approaching the stage where i'm looking to apply for my wife's spouse visa to come to the UK. i'm a UK national and recently got married to my Moroccan wife in Morocco. i'm wondering if i should pay a solicitor or do the visa application myself. i would like to know what the process is and what documents need to be submitted.

i would appreciate a response from anyone that knows the process or perhaps is going through the application process now, or has been through the process recently.

many thanks

I did it through a solicitor . i ddint wanted to take any risk at all .

personally i think depending on your circumstances the application can be easy or can be hard etc

I advise you to do this before April as the salary threshold s increasing to £29,000


my husband morocan i

portugues and we live in uk last year my husband got his visa

I did everything with an emigration advicior solicitor

they were amazing did everything for us

we paid priority at the tls center after 2weeks my husband had the response .

I will be more than happy to give you their email and phone number

You will need to get the marriage certificate translated to english, possibly the same place you got your documents translated for the permission to get married. you're spouse will need to have her english test results unless she has a degree in english language. Your spouse will also need to go to rabat to do her t.b test. these can be arranged following instructions on the uk gov website

I will be doing the application myself, as a middle man would not be necessary if you feel competent in completing online forms, and there are no complications in the required documents. evidence will be required of the following: Accommodation, salary, bank statements, relationship, transfer of any funds to spouse, passport stamps/ visits to each other. The government will request any other documents they need during the application process

thanks for everyone's reply.

@ Dreams Unlimited - i understand that the visa office expect you to submit all documents at the time of application. if any documents are missing, they will NOT contact you, they will just refuse the visa. can anyone confirm whether this is true? seems a bit unfair for them to just refuse the visa without contacting you again

@ Celia Nogueira - i'm not looking for a priority service but contact for a solicitor would be very very helpful. please DM me, as exchange of any business details are not allowed on the forum.

@ Amir Ali89 - i dont think i'm in a difficult position to sponsor my wife. so my visa application should be straight forward. got my home, job, etc. so things should be straight forward from my end. my wife is currently waiting for the english test. TB test done.  so once we get the results of the english test, we'll be on our way to apply for her visa.


  1. do we need to submit the original marriage certificate (along with the translated version) for the visa application?
  2. can my wife email me the certificates and i print them off, or do we need to submit the originals?

@Celia Nogueira

Please may I have these details too.

Many thanks

I sugegst do not submit the application without all the documents . you need to scan and upload all the documents . your wife can email you the mwrr Certificate and the copy and you can simple upload it .

you have to write a cover note to expalin you side like when you met the wife when you got marrige and what documents are with the application etc

i am not sure if they will reject if any document is missing



all the best



I have sent it to you

all the best



in my case I have sent all my documents in pdf to my immigration advisor and she uploaded everything to the visa centre in Rabat

@ Celia Nogueira - details received. thank you

can i ask, how long did the visa process take?

@ Amir Ali89 - are you available sometime for a quick chat. i can DM you to exchange numbers. thanks



that depends if you have all the documents ready can be quick

After my husband went for his appointment at the visa Centre in Rabat as we paid priority after 2 week we had the decision


I have successfully done spouse visa for my husband (moroccan) and have also now done FLR visa. I also helped my friend with her spouse visa for her husband from Tunisia. Happy to help.



You definitely don't need a solicitor, I can help if you require some guidance.

Are you employed or self employed?

Emailed copies are fine if they are scanned as PDF as that's what you upload anyway.

@ VictoriaBH - as i'm just beginning the process, some guidance would be very much appreciated. are you available for a phone call sometime?


Yes, I will message you and we can arrange.

@MrT786 I've yet to get to that stage, however I believe it gets submitted in morocco along with the evidence required when going for the biometrics


just do it your self its not that difficult and you will save £1k to £2k solicitor fees! some of these solicitors are charging way too much to fill out a form!

@ Mohammed Uddin - yes, the solicitors do charge a lot. i've had prices ranging from £750-£1500

@ amir ali89 - it can be submitted via the .gov.uk website

so its looking like i'll be doing the visa application myself.

one more call going out to anyone who has done the visa application themselves . please contact me