Visa Extension via Police station ?

Hey, one of our family members needs to renew their visa but we are hoping to avoid taking the run to Ceuta as the other 3 of us have already renewed. I heard the police sometime grant an extension. does anyone know how this works ? One of our family members is a Moroccan citizen and we own a flat in Marrakech. Any suggestions ?


Hi there.

I have heard in the past of such thing, but never seen it done in reality.

You can overstay on your visa but you will have to go to police station/court/and pay a fine. Generally around 500 or 1000dh.

That's what I do every time.

Plan on entre day for the whole process.

You will not pass the passport control at the airport if you don't do so.

You can also go to Tenerife from agadir fir a day or two for about 50 euros or less round trip.

Happy happy day to you ...