Apply for marriage visa for my Moroccan husband

Hi all,

so I'm from UK and my husband is from Morocco. We recently got married in Morocco so one hard task done. Next step is applying for Visa so he can come to UK to live with me. Have few questions for anyone that may have done this

1) I'm right in thinking l can apply for him to come as his wife online from UK

2) where do you go for biometrics as read you put nearest place with application.

3) Evidence for proof we're in real relationship, do they want everything like all my flights to show how many times l have come over, letter from our families to prove it's real relationship.

if anyone has gone through this and advice would be great.


@stokesy1403 hi congratulations on your marriage.

if your looking to take your husband to the U.K. for settlement then you would ultimately need to sponsor and yes you have to show all evidence to support it's a real marriage and relationship.

it's quite an lengthy process it could possibly take 6-12 months depending on your documentations.

you would apply for a spouse visa as Moroccan marriage is legally recognised by the U.K. 

you would need to get all documents converted to English and legalised.

you would need to show evidence of your income in the U.K. I think it's around 6 months bank statement and work payslip.

min of £18,000 in saving or £20k annually wages something along them lines but you can double check this on the British gov website under spouse visa.

you would need to make sure your husband does the English test and take the TB screening.

biometrics would be done in Casablanca at the TLS centre where you would apply for the visa.

you as a sponsor would need to show much more full list can be found in the Gov website.

for proving relationship

flight tickets and images of you both selection of different pics before wedding. And the celebration etc.

screenshots of sms or WhatsApp messages with dates and timestamps and any other evidence to show the relationship is real will help. The more you show the more it will help.

you would hire a U.K. immigration lawyer to help you with this process as it's quite costly and if rejected or anything is missing can cost a lot more.

the above is just basic info and more details can be found on U.K. gov website under spouse visa section.

hope this helps.




Congratulations @stokesy1403

Thank you Vakil for taking the time to answer stokesy's request.

I'm sure it will be very helpful to her.

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Cheryl team

@stokesy1403 good morning there is a brilliant group on Facebook called I LOVE MY FOREIGN SPOUSE. They have all the information  and will guide you through the process you require you do not need a solicitor.

I am also a British woman engaged to a Moroccan man this group has given me lots of information  and  advice. Good luck


@kayjacklin Hi, thank you so much for this! I have just gotten married in Morocco and about to start the visa process for my wife. I will join the group, need as much assistance and guidance as possible.

Not easy these days at all, can take up to 2 years for the German Gouvernement and a bit less than that for other countries 😅

Hello all,

I apologise in advance if I am repeating what has already been asked, bit I am still somewhat confused.

When making application for spouse visa, will I (British partner) be submitting the application here in the UK (online), or does my wife (moroccan partner) submit the application in person in moroccan?

Can I also please ask for some examples of how to prove the marriage is genuine?

Many thanks

British partner submits aplication from UK online , but the application is made as if it is the moroccon partner applying in her own name.

@Khalid87 every country has different rules and requirements,  check uk gov website first make sure you meet the income requirements

Can I also please ask for some examples of how to prove the marriage is genuine?

Are you married in Morocco,  then a translated certified copy of your marriage acte will suffice.

If you or your wife were previously divorced in Morocco then you might have to provvide a copytranlatedcopy of the divorce acte

@amonzur1 you are very welcome the group will  guide you through the process and it's all free .Good luck .

@Khalid87 good morning  if you have been communicating through WhatsApp then screenshot your texts video chats ect that will be sufficient also if you have been to visit her proof of flights ect will be in your passport that counts as evidence as well .Good luck

@88kasa this seems a little odd? Surely the Moroccan partner has to complete the form from Morocco?

@kayjacklin Just a quick question, is your partner applying from Morocco or are you doing the online application in his name from here?