Getting a Moroccan Police Check fom overseas

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I am currently needing a Police Check from Morocco as I am applying for Permanent Residency in Canada (I am originally from Australia).

I lived in Marrakech for one year.

I would greatly appreciate ANY help regarding anyone who was successful in getting a police check and how they did it.

I have contacted Moroccan Embassies and Consulates and they all say I must go through Rabat.

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There is an office of ministry of justice just outside train station in Rabat. They issue police certificate.

There must be some way to get it if you live overseas and you are not in Morroco. In my case my wife applied for me while I was overseas but they did not returned to her as they were asking official authority letter (I guess notarized copy or something).

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JI Bhatti

They only let you apply in person for it.
I had the same issue. You can only apply from foreign Moroccan embassies if you are Moroccan resident with ID card.

The only way I can see it being possible is for you to send your passport id page and entry/exit stamp page with your photo to someone in Rabat who could do it on your behalf.
Maybe try a lawyer online who is nearby or something.

Was a major problem for me. Had to do an 800 miles round trip to get mine in morocco.


Thank you very much for your help. I knew it wasn't going to be easy...


never ever send yr passport

They only require the photocopy. As said try a reputable lawyer nearby.
Or even a translator based nearby. There will be some reliable source nearby.

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Hi, if you are from Australia you should get the police certificate from there. You will probably be asked for a list of your addresses for the last few years with proof for example, utility bills, bank statements showing those addresses. Check with your embassy or Google police certificate for residency. Regards,