Criminal record in Morocco

Hello everyone im from Morocco and my fiance he is uk citizen he came to ne 2 times we love each other a lot and he want to marry me but the problem we find that he's record not clean he fight with he's friend and the police find him with he's friend and at that time He's friend was using drugs but he never entre to presion they just give him social work for 8 months and we very worry about this problem cause maybe in my country they will refuse our fiance visa cause of he's criminal record please anyone help me

There are so many foreign residents here with negative police reports! If you get married to him he will get the residence card anyways. For the marriage should also be no problem, unless he was in prison and killed someone. But what I find very weird: social hours are usually not documented in police reports. Only everything above high fees and prison time. Are you sure he is telling you the truth?

@Rondainmarrakesch when he said that to the solicitor there in uk he told him that very hard to me to get visa fiance to follow him to uk cause of my country they accept just the clean DBS

@fatiakel 'community service' (social work, as you put it) is usually ordered by a UK court (Judge) after the person is found guilty of a crime. this is sometimes done in order to save going to prison. in my opinion, this should not effect your visa application. however, there are many requirements that must be satisfied by the authorities before they grant you a fiance visa. if you are planning on getting married in Maroc, then you may wish to check from your side if his criminal record will effect your plans to marry. if your planning on coming to the UK on a fiance visa , and get married here, then i do know that he and you will need to satisfy the authorities on many grounds before they grant you a fiance visa. i do know that it can be very costly to arrange a fiance visa because i looked into this myself. its better to get married in Maroc, as i am doing. if you need any more information, please feel free to ask. i'm not an expert but i will do my best to help. good luck 1f44d.svg

I am planning to come to morocco in March 2024. I would like to apply for a residency permit but I have a criminal record. Does it depend on the crime, or does the government refuse me?