Mixed marriage 2022

Hi all,

I am a British citizen but was born in pakistan,

I am marrying my Moroccan partner soon in Morocco.

i have all the documents required and apostilled.

however I am struggling to get my birth certificate from pakistan, as the Pakistani embassay have told me to visit pakistan and sort it out there as they have no control. I can't go to pakistan because of my situation and I have no one there to help me. I don't have a Pakistani ID or Passport which makes it more difficult to get the birth certificate. I have a hospital birth card however that is not official.

does anyone know what I can do to bypass the birth certificate, would the Moroccan family court accept anything else.

can anyone help on this pls.

I think you need to find someone in nadra to get this done and now a days nadra issue the birth certificates .

lastly can you tell me the list of the documents please ? And what documents needs to be certified / attested in the uk.

like you need to get the dbs certificated by common wealth or ….

@Moh17 i get mine last month my brother done it u don't need to visit Pakistan he just paid some one and boom u need to speak some one in Pakistan friend or family tell them to visit your local union council u will get one remember dnt need to get it tested Morocco will accept it


  1. Divorce paper if you were married before (no attestation needed as uk embassy in rabat will do it)
  2. capacity of marriage from Moroccan embassy (attestation needed from Moroccan office)
  3. police certificate from uk police (must be translated in Moroccan)
  4. employment letter from uk with pay slip (translated in Moroccan)
  5. police certificate from Morocco
  6. medical certificate from Morocco

there you go good luck

@Operation Dabardos

hi yes, however I don't have anyone there for me to do it, so I'm struggling and not sure what to do. I'm having my marriage in January in morroco and don't have my birth certificate

@Operation Dabardos

would you have anyone that can do it for me? I am willing to pay

The birth certificate is important to have for your Moroccan marriage.  They are always wanting to look at that. .  Is there a way you can get in touch with the Union Council in Pakistan, or the city in Pakistan you were  born in?  You're best to hire a solicitor in Pakistan for you to do this.


Please can anyone help. I am looking  what documents need to be apostilled? I am from UK, born and bred.

I understand in order to marry in Morocco to a Moroccan woman.

I require

        Birth Certificate



        Employment Contract

        Last 3 months payslips

        Proof of my muslim faith

        Certificate of Impediment

Please can you tell me which of these have to be apostiled. Thank you so much.

@bas87 can these be apostiled in morocco?

Your British embassy usually helps with the steps of getting married here


In Morocco?

Any idea which ones need apostilled?

Thanks Rondain


It takes over months if not longer (minimum), never mind over that to get a birth certificate.

1) did you EVER have a Pakistani passport?

2) did your parents ever have your Birth Certificate?

3) if so were you/family ever registered with NADRA/ have/had an ID card in Pakistan?  If so, Pakistani consulate should be able to issue you a duplicate- but be prepared for mega delays!

If you were born in UK and none of this applies, then:

a) marry in UK - civil and Islamic wedding. Get both notarised.

b) get your passport notarised.


Do your big Moroccan wedding when all is done  in Morocco!     

@bas87 hi,

You have to get the documents Apostilled from here before you go, its on the gov website,  you have to book it online,  then send them the document by post, it takes them about a month to complete and send back.

I only had my birth certificate and divorce certificate Apostilled and they accepted all the documents in Morocco .

Also,  you don't need a certificate of no impediment,  you have to book an appointment in the British embassy in Rabat or Marrakech and get an Affirmation to marry, its called capacity to marry and a certified copy of your passport.  You can only do these two in the embassies in Morocco

@bas87 also, don't get the DBS, they want the ACRO police check there, that is the one they usually prefer,  you can get it online,  only takes a few days to come.,

Also, book your appointment at the British embassy in either Rabat or Marrakech,  because it can take a few months to get an appointment,  although I had an appointment booked in Marrakech for a few months,  but I was literally looking ever few hours every day for a cancellation,  after a few days I managed to get a cancellation in Rabat for 2 weeks time, so I quickly booked it.

Bachelorhood certificate is the one that need to be apostiled. and this in UK

@john00000020 Hi there,you mentioned that you only had your birth certificate apostilled,I have heard that you have to get your acro police certificate apostilled too,your employment letter and also your payslips apostilled too, could you please tell if that was the matter in your case ,did you have your acro and employment letter apostilled?

@Guest9521 hi there ,I am also planning to get married in Morocco in few months and I have started gathering all my documents, could you please be kind enough to tell me what documents have you apostilled ,have you had your acro apostilled,your employment letter or your payslips apostilled?or you don't have to apostille them ? Thanks

Hello Manzoorsyedhaseeb,

Guest9521 is no longer on the website.

Hopefully, some other member will help you



@manzoorsyedhaseeb hi,

Yes I just had my birth certificate Apostilled and my divorce certificate Apostilled,  but even that they didn't even bother to check the Apostle,  they asked what is that, and I said its the Apostle and they just said "oh" in an unbotherd way,

Just get your original birth certificate Apostilled, should be enough,  also make sure that your birth certificate is a new original copy, has to be dated within the last 3 months.

@Operation Dabardos you missed the birth certificate.

Hi, can anyone help?

I have my origional birth certIficate from pakistan  will this be useful or do i need a reprint dated as most recent?

or am i able to get this legalised and it will be accepted in Morocco and help would be great thanks

@Guest9521 you need birth certificate original, then you can go to Pakistani embassy in Morocco to get it translated in french or arabic from embassy with their stamp which will make it legal. (This is how they do it for indian birth certificate in Morocco).

@Rizwandirect they will not legalise anything in Morocco unless it is a moroccan document. You need to get this from Pakistani embassy in Morocco or from back home. I have mentioned the process above. Give it a try.

Brill thank you Great help