Pakistani wants to marry a morocan girl

I just want to marry a morocan girl so what papers are compulsory for me to make marine there inside Morocco


ANY Moroccan girl or have you found one, proposed and she accepted???


And you will be most ldi0t if you believe that they are only with you... Numbers are not 2 or 3, they are 9,10-20 at a time.

So be careful risk is 100%

Apny mulk ki seedhi seeshi 2# larki Sy banda ye umeed kar sakta h k shayad vo Theek ho jaye ,,, but ye log munafiqat ki hado Sy agy hen, insan nahi hen ye. Bach jao yar

@Abdul_Sammad I'm sorry, but i worry about you...

One more thing, whole family would be part of game ... So you can imagine


How are you. What about you. If you want marry Morocco girl you call me I give you information about marriage. My number is ***

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Trust me don't do it.

I'm still trying to leave morocco for 7 years now and I'm australian!

There is no resources for outsiders here once your here and especially if you have kids the moroccan will have all the rights and corruption on their side.

My ex is British but from moroccan parents and he isn't even in Morocco yet I'm stuck here with my children.

These people grow up around scams and snagging good hearted people for their own benefit.

Like the above poster said, their family is in on it and there is multiple filthy trails, one after another of zina and just absurd, disgusting things.

The worst story I heard from the sister herself as she was talking to another infront of me was she was a prostitute pimped by her mum and aunty for money.

When she was 16 until she was 22 or so.

They then said OK it's enough now because you will become no good, people will start to know etc so they put her in niqqab and she started to learn quran in the masjid.

Basically they got her married to an American man who was like 40 something and said he has to convert ( she was sending him pictures etc but staying within the hijjab) they said he has to marry her and be Muslim to have her... etc etc

Massive mahr, massive gifts etc etc and then he came to Morocco and did the legal marriage, slept with her and paid all these invented fees because he thought its culture and Islam.

She got divorced, she said he was drinking alcohol and using his American passport to prove he isn't Muslim etc and he hit her ( her mother hit her in the face and gave her a bust up face)

The police basically told him to leave and agree to divorce.

She got a massive settlement for divorce.

She then married a moroccan man years later and said that she was fooled by this fake revert to Islam and he abused her and was horrible etc that's why she isn't a virgin.

This whole story came out because she felt guilty for lying to her husband as some men who he worked with in tourism and one of the men was a man who use to pay her.

She left her husbands home and wanted to run away because of the shame she had felt living thus fake life.

I'm not moroccan but I do understand most of what is said. Some parts of the story I missed details because of the language barrier.


should we take it as you have dated/married every Moroccan girl on this planet? Are you basing your horrible experience, that by which you happened to chose on own standards to make a bad choice and generalize on all the ladies, including the good ones, in Morocco? No sure if you are a Muslim, but just in case you are, have you ever heard of the severe consequences of “kathf Al muh'sanat” (قذف المحصنات)?. Although I feel sorry for you for all what you have encountered in your experience, I was equally pretty shocked on how you took way too far with the insults. You could've just offered some good advice with the need to go this awkwardly profane. People in general, including Moroccan (where I see they're no different), go through good and bad yet forget to relate to the real lessons they should've learned or the choices in life they need to reconsider. Instead, they choose to crazily rant about it as I could see it in your case.

For the record, I happened to be engaged twice to two Pakistani guys. None of them I ended tying the knot with for several reasons you may not even appreciate or like if I listed them. Still, that would not make it legitimate to think that all Pakistani guys are trashy and disrespectful to themselves before being likewise to others.

That being said, it's ok to feel the anger. We've all been there. But to act with this lack of respect to others they did nothing to you, is indeed utterly inconsiderate and uncivilized behavior from your side (with all due respect to your person).


why don't you reflect on yourself & your worries!

leave other people alone & take care of yourself and get some strong morals.

you sound so negative and into other people's business.

for those like you who gossip about others you will get someone who would say bad things about you. What comes around goes around.

focus on your life & leave others alone. We do not know who you are & what you have done in your private life. For this reason stop ** about others.


Yeh well I certainly never been a prostitute.

I have every right to repeat what I have heard of what was said infront of me and I never mentioned who the woman is, unless it's you... why do you care ?

If moroccan women didn't give themselves this title, it wouldn't be spoken about.

Just like moroccan men scamming western women... its all happening, people are seeing it and learning about it just as they are about other countries scams and things.

Since my words bother you so much that you decided to make mention of my morals and then confess you don't know me, I suggest you take a long, hard look into yourself and contemplate before you speak.

It will save you alot of embarrassing  moments 👍

@aishahm  why you need to argue with everyone

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