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Hi all,

I received a job offer from Alshaya to be based in Kuwait City.They offered me 2600 KWD monthly salary,health insurance covering family and education allowance entitled for 50% of my kid.There's no company car or housing allowance in this offer.Is this a good salary or an average salary?I have one kid and my wife will not work there.In addition to this,by considering Alshaya head office location,I would be grateful if you could suggest me a neighborhood to search for an apartment in which expat families live in.


The offer is very good from my perspective. For someone else it might be low or a fortune. Ultimately it is up to you to decide. They are not offering you below industry average if that is your concern, but you haven't said what position you are joining for.

As for the neighborhood, I am afraid there are no residential areas very close to Alshaya building. Personally I would try to find a place in Sharq, it should not be too much pain in the rear to get to Alshaya from there.

There are many good locations to look for, If you are from India, Salmiya would be ideal, else Salwa, Rumaithiya, Seaside properties are good for stay.

Hi Ribosom,

Thanks for the comment.I'm an IT guy and I got an offer from Alshaya IT


I am from Turkey.

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