Advice needed on buying a house in Sterrebeek (100 yrs old House)

Myself and my husband planning to buy a house in Sterrebeek and its pretty old house(100yrs), we visited the house and we liked it too.We are from India and we dont have idea on houses here in Belgium.House is located near main area,easy for Bus transport (for my work) .Only concern is house is 100yrs with wooden beams on ceiling and some rooms.House is in good shape. Heating was installed 20yrs back.My question:
1. Do we get insects from wood as i can see very small tiny wholes in the wood ( we have 2 yrs old toddler with us.)
2. Wall papers has been struck all over so we are not sure how strong the walls are.House roof is in good condition.
3. Will it be too cold during winter and rainy season . (We usually put the heaters on )
4. How safe is that area?
5. How much can we bargain ,it is through agency so how much can we reduce price from original cost?
(House is 236 sq meter).
6. Agency doesn't have the planning of the house (When was it built exactly etc) I it ok to proceed with this house?

Many thanks for your suggestions!!!


I will try to answer your queries:
1. I have the same tiny wholes in the wood in my house but I can confirm that there is no insects in there. It can be inspected and treated by a specialist (it should cost maximum 200 EUR), it can worth it then,
2. Wall papers were the normal use in the 80's and 90's. You do not have to worry about the strength of the walls. A wall can always be repaired if needed. I paid +/- 400EUR per room (10-15 m²). In any case, you have a 10 years guarantee against the seller for "vices cachés" (i.e. every mistakes that you can not see at the moment of the purchase). As it is against the seller, he needs to have money in case you attack him...;
3.The winters can be cold in Belgium. As from December till February, the temperatures can go down to 0 and colder. I remember a winter with temperatures around -20°. -10° is not so exceptional here in Belgium. Every year, you need to turn on the heater, I try to do it the latest as possible but this year, it was in October. Then, you turn it off with the beautiful days of April, May, June,...;
4. Pretty safe area, but it is in Flanders. The authorities there like to speak in Dutch....
5. That depends on your income. Usually, before borrow any amount, the banks usually require to have 20% of the house's value on a bank account in order to cover the notary expenses and bank fees. This can be discussed with the bank. With the current interest rates, you can reasonably count per month 1.000 EUR for a loan of 200.000 EUR during 30 years. An other criteria is that the rent cannot exceed 33% of your total income, i.e. for a monthly rent of 1.000EUR, you should win more than 3.000 EUR net per month;
6. It is normal. You may find these documents at the notary (maybe you will have to pay for that, i do not know). My house is also 100 yrs old but the document I received go back 40 yrs ago only..

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