Obtaining Belgium ID card - duration?

I live in Schaerbeek in Brussels, and on the 22.04 i applied for a Belgium ID card.
Does somebody knows how much time it takes to get it in Schaerbeek?
They told me it will last 2-3 weeks, but it is over a month already.
I would not be that worried, but currently my bank accounts are blocked, because i have to present the bank my id card.
And is there any kind of temporary replacement?

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What nationality are you are the only people you get ID cards in Belgium are Belgians.

If you are not Belgian you cannot have an ID card. You can however have a residents' card. Which type of residents' card depends on your nationality and if you are non EU, if you are part of an EU family or if you work here or if you are a student here.  The time it takes to get these residents' cards depends on 1) personal circumstances 2) Police check of your property 3) which commune! Well there might be other factors but these are the 3 main ones.

As you have Sofia as location, I am guessing you are an EU national. Now normally if you were renewing your residents' card, it would be 3-4 weeks for the private company who process the manufacture to do it and post you a PIN number you'll need when you collect and activate it from the maison communale. The arrival of that PIN number indicates your card is ready at the maison communale.

For first issue of a residents' card or a change of address, you are more likely to be held up by the Police not being able to verify your address. You can check this by contacting the maison communale, they would hopefully give you the number of the Police officer who could come around and check at an arranged time. Do check this is the case, my friend has just waited 4 weeks with dozens of missed Police visits and finally has managed to be in the house for the Police visit. After that, it should be 2-4 weeks as above.

If it's not the Police check holding you up and you are an EU national, but you've passed the checks for job/money (you'd have been told at first interview if you haven't) as I assume you have since you're waiting for your card, then you can only put it down to being Schaerbeek. I'd be going back to demand to know what is going on. Schaerbeek is however notorious for inefficiency, which might not be the fault of the staff but the lack of staff.

Good luck.

Dear Tervurener,
Thank you very much for the answer.
Actually i am in Brussels for 7 months, i have already been registered at the Schaerbeek municipal, got annexes 9 and 20, the police already visited me...
There was a delay from the company where i pay the taxes, to send the documents to Schaerbeek, for obtaining the resident's card, then i did not go immediately - and this is the result now...
Is there a way i to contact this private company, which is creating these cards? Because i am not very sure whether and when the code will come by post?


Have you paid the fee to buy the resident card? And given a photo of yourself?
If you have, it takes 2-4 weeks to obtain the pin code which you then take back to the maison communale to get the actual card.
Whereabouts are you along the line of this process?