Can I rent a house before I open an account?

I'm still waiting for my Fresh single permit to be issued, which is taking longer than I expected.
The problem is, my moving stuffs have already arrived in the Belgian port, waiting for my arrival :(
So I must rent a house ASAP upon my arrival, but have confusion after reading the related threads.

I'm a non-EU expat, and I don't have a euro bank account yet.

1) Can I make a rental contract before I open an account in Brussels? (For example, rental deposit via international transfer)

2) what are the required documents to rent a house as an expat in Brussels?

3)what might be the fastest way to make a rental contract(if anyone have at least an idea)

Any information would be appreciated.

Hello Jenna,

Yes, technically you can rent a house/apartment in Belgium without a belgian bank account. You can pay the deposit and the first month rent with an international account.
With KBC bank you can already start the process of opening a bank account while you're still abroad. Once you arrive in Belgium you can pick up your bankcard in a KBC branch.

In Belgium a landlord/real estate agency will not give you the keys of an apartment unless the following things are OK :
- deposit (2 months rent)
- fire insurance
- first month rent paid before starting date lease
- incoming survey

The only documents that you need (as a proof) for applying is a copy of your ID and your working contract (instead of 3 payslips for belgian employees).

For which company do you work ?


kind regards,
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what is 'incoming survey'?