Belgium Registered Rental Agreement

Belgium consulate has asked for registered rental agreement for my spouse's visa.
After informing my owner, he had sent me a signle paper having registration info with mine and my wife's name on it. Registration was done with MyRent

Is this registration docuemnt enough to be submitted to consulate or do I need anything else with it for submission

please guide.

Registering through MyRent is NOT enough.
The landlord and yourself have to sign it, send it for registration, THEN, the landlord will received the registered contract that you need (or one of you can go to the office to register it, it will be faster or you can download the certificate that MyRent can provide you online when it's registered)

Registered rental contract from the ministry is valid and has to be submitted in the consulate for the spouse visa.

The consulate have asked the same document for me few months back.

After informing your landlord about this, You can directly go and register it with your rental contract to the The Federal Public Service of Finances near Botanique metro. They will register your contract and provide "MyRent - Relation d'enregistrement" document and it would take max of 1 hour to get this document.

Electronic registration confirmation from myrent + physical signed agreement copy is enough as far as I know.

As Aneesh says, if the landlord has an official document from MyRent then the lease has already been registered. If it hadn't he would not have the confirmation.

FYI, MyRent is accessible only with an ID Card & reader, so the documents issued are official & legally valid.

I think Alex is referring to how things used to work when you needed a stamped copy of the lease. No longer, in Brussels Communes anyway.

I have asked to submit the Registered rental contract from embassy even after submitting the document from My rent, where the document has Federal Public services finances.

The document has the land lord: owner name and Tenant :husband name.

I didn't know what else I need to ask my husband to submit for dependent visa.

Requesting a clarification.

When did you originally submit the application ?

Hi Aneesh,
I  submitted 2nd week of September(My Rent : Registered rental Relationship) , now I received updates from VFS to submit Registered rental agreement.

I am looking for what are the specifications required for Registered rental agreement.

They may have made a mistake. Send the same document again ?

Thanks for the help Aneesh.

I have received a rental agreement in English. Is it possible to register rental agreement in English or it has to be in French/Dutch

Viswesh wrote:

I have received a rental agreement in English. Is it possible to register rental agreement in English or it has to be in French/Dutch

Speaking from my own experience, English is ok.

If I'm applying as student visum and my family is applying at the same time as family reunion art 10 bis to come together to Belgium, the consulate sent that we can apply with a sufficient temporary accommodation for one or two months. In this case the contract of the place we would rent should be registered or not?

Consulate asking me to submit registered rental agreement for dependent visa. Could you help which document I need to send as I have already submitted physically signed rental aggrement. But which other document consulate needs?

You need to sibmit a registered proof document of the contract. The owner can get it done for you. Also, when did you submit the application and from which consulate in India? I too have submitted and waiting.

Hi Ethan, just trying to better understand your post.  You are applying for student visa and your family is applying family reunion art. 10 you all submitting at the same time? Ok are you an EU national? I thought the normal thing was for the student to arrive in Belgium first then get residence permit for the family to apply family reunification?
I  am also planning to come for studies in August and am wondering if my family can submit their visa application same time with me.

Thank you for your response


I have a situation. I am living with my wife on a rented property since 2019 April. The contract was of 1 year duration and was registered on MyRent with 1 year validity. After 1 year the contract has automatically became a 9 year contract as per the law. In order to renew the residence permit of my spouse, a registered rental contract is required to be shown.

Since the registered rental contract was from April 2019-March 2020, and the contract became 9 year after that, Can I give the same registered rental contract for the residence permit extension? , or do I need to sign another rental contract with landlord and register it?

Thaks in advance for anwsers,

You should ask for a new one with the new duration. That would be less risky for your wife.


i need to apply for a visa for my wife, anyone knows which form I need for this house contract registration.

here are 3 versions of the form (depending on the document to be registered):
          --> Request for the registration of a lease, with or without inventory;
          --> Request for the registration of residential lease inventory, presented separately;
          --> Request for the registration of a sublease or addendum, assignment or termination of lease or sublease.

option 1

Hi, I need to apply for a visa for my wife. Is it possible to use house contract from a colocation apartment ? Its house with 5 bedrooms and only 3 persons live in the place. I can register 2 rooms on my name and my wife.

Would it create any issues in the visa process?


I don't see any reason why it would be a problem. As long as the accomodation is healthy, enough space etc.... no problem + MyRent certificate


I have 2 questions:

1. Are there any specific requirements that needs to be in rental agreement registration apart from Duration, owner + renter name ( me and wife) + usual contract points. Is room sizes/ home size (m2) required?

2. Since I'm living in a 5 bedroom sharing house. Does the 3 other colocs needs to sign the agreement as well? Or only mine + owners should be fine?  I'll be using 2 rooms for the rental agreement registration

I'm trying to make sure these points doesn't hinder during the visa process for my spouse

Hi ,

How do i register my Rental agreement online ? I have signed physical copy from Landlord. Please share required steps .

Thank you