BBF - brusells business flats - opinion ?


I'm looking apartment for time of my countract in Brussels and wondering about renting from
Did anybody rent from them - what is your opinion about flats and service from BBF ?

I used their services in 2011 and was quite satisfied with the apartment. They are expensive to be honest :)

I used BBF through the first 9 months of my secondment in Brussels.

I must say, the apartments are well equipped, clean, tidy and quiet. But they are grossly over priced. You have to pay extra plus install fees to activate basic speed internet. They can also be pretty slow to respond to requests or queries, albeit they eventually come round, their solution is sometimes to do nothing at all.

However, if you plan on living in Brussels for less than a year, it can be a perfect solution and they offer cleaning service add on's. Just the price is pretty scary.