Rental Agreement Registration

Hi there, is it possible to verify if my rental agreement was registered without need to ask the landlord about it?

Long story short: I'm renting an apartment in ixelles with my wife since May/2020. We decided to leave Belgium on September/21, so we informed our landlord with the 3 months notice and we also have found a new tenant for the lease. For 2 months, the landlord never wrote formally a letter or email regarding the new tenant (only informal agreements by phone). Therefore, the new tenant got scared and walked away.

We are going to leave Belgium on 30/08. Most likely we won't find another tenant in just 1 week. Landlord says we'll need to pay a fee because we don't have a new tenant and we feel it's unfair since the person we found stepped back due to the landlord's behaviour.

We saw that if a rental agreement isn't registered, actually the tenant can end the contract without being penalized and even without the need of the 03 months notice. So we wanted to know how to verify it without asking the landlord.


Short story:

you can login on and check if your rental contract is registered.
Other solution, you can go to the SPF tower in Rogier/Botanique (only in the morning if I remember correctly) and ask for a copy of your "MyRent" certificate.

He can request a "fee" if you're living from the first 3 years of your 9 years contract.
Basically he can request 3 loans if your leaving the first year, 2 the 2nd year, 1 the 3th year, after 3 years of stay you won't need to pay anything except for the damage you did in the accomodation.

Thank you Alex! I checked at MyFin before, but I was unsure if I needed to be the landlord to see a rental agreement registered from there. The contract is not registered...

And surprisingly, my contract is a 3-years contract. I believe the landlord will just use the caution deposit (2 months of rent) but, again, I find it unfair from their side. Let's see.

The only thing I know it's that I have only until Thursday to don't something: my flight is booked for Friday.

Thanks a lot

Fortunately, no need to be a landlord to check your registered rental agreement.

You may have to check your rental contract again but by default in Belgium, it is 9-year contract. You can leave without any fee after living in at least 3 year as Alex explained above.

How did you make your deposit? In a blocked account or direct transfer to the landlord?

Thanks! My contract is really of 3 years
Perhaps it has a relation with the fact that we took the contract of other guys who were leaving it also before the end of their (I know they lived for summer years here, but I don't remember how many).

As for the deposit, we paid in cash(!) and got a receipt/declaration signed by the landlord.