Early termination of 3-6-9 contract

Hi guys!

In August I moved in with my friend and we signed the 3-6-9 rent contract. Long story short we had a fight and now she threatens to make my life unbearable in this apartment and makes all stuff to annoy or provoke me.

Can someone explain to me if there is any way to move out of this apartment without losing rent deposit (before she harms me anyhow physically)?

I would help to find another person to take my contract (so basically making an amendment to the rent contract).

Thanks in advance!


Unfortunately not, the only case that could work is included in the list of "exceptional" cases. Like the unexpected departure for a foreign country for professional reasons. And even in this case there is a risk of going to court.

This is why it is always tricky to put a rental contract with two names. Or to be a financial surety for a person ...