Use of Airbnb for temporary registration in commune

My employer agreed to provide two months bbf but I find  similar apartment renting for 3 moths at the same cost in airbnb. Can I use airbnb to register temporarily in commune, most probably  1853 near automium., although the apartment is spacious And it  allows booking for 2 adults and a kid but it has one bedroom only with a sleeping couch in living area. Will this be considered ok for temporary booking for three months, Even the suggested bbf is a single bedroom apartment for 3 of us. I do not want to rush on lease as I have look for the school and then decide the area to move.  My tentitive travel date is in Apr/may , kindle advise


You cannot give a reference address as a residence without the owner's authorization.

Indeed, as phipiemar mentioned, if your airbnb owner allows domiciliation (use the airbnb address to register in commune), then you can. Else, you cannot.

Also, the goal should be to move to a long term accommodation sooner and to initiate your registration process with the long term address. To avoid a situation where you register from your temp address (bbf or so), and while your registration is in progress, you change your address.

Does anyone have a proof or an official website, where I can read about it? All I could find was this forum and I need to be sure. I also have to show this to my host, because I found out most of them don't even know if they can give such permission