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Good day all
I would be moving over soon to Brussels along with my wife and 5 year old son.
I am looking out to rent an apartment. Is it necessary to rent 2 bed apartment for three of us to register at the commune? Or we can look for 1 bed apartment as well?

Technically speaking, you need at least a 2 rooms apartment.
Area of living rooms must be minimum 33m² (living rooms, so place you can live! NOT the full size of the apartment) and at least one place in the apartment must be 15m² or more.

Few mandatory things to remember:

The kitchen can't be used as a bedroom.
The living room can't be used as a bedroom if you have any child of 6+ years old
The accommodation must have at least 2 bedrooms when the household includes one or more children over 1 year old.
The accommodation must have enough rooms so that a 10 year old child doesn't have to share a room with a child of different sex.
Every room must have a floor area of at least 6 m² when used by 2 persons and 9 m² if used for 3 persons

Else, the commune might state that your apartment is overpopulated... and you'll have problems...

Thanks a lot @alexfrombelgium... As my son is older than 1, I would need to look for 2 bed apartments as per above guidelines.
Is it a usual practice to mention in the lease contract how many persons can register at the address ??

no, you don't mention how many people are going to live in a lease contract.
But in a standard one, the commune will be able to read how much m² is available in the apartment + number of rooms.
As you've to register all your family, it would probably trigger an alarm if there's not enough m²/rooms.

Ohhk...I mean to say does the owner let you know how many persons can register at the address...

The accommodation must have at least 2 bedrooms when the household includes one or more children over 1 year old.

Does it means that a couple with a baby < year old can live in studio apartment? can you provide me a link to this info?


It depends on the region where you live.

Wallonia: … &loc=1
Brussels: … equipement

I live in flanders region, not able to find the relavant information on the above links.

I wrote an email to and got this reply regarding couple + child in studio appartment.

You ask if it is possible to continue to live in a studio.

It is legally allowed to live in a studio with a child, so whether you want to stay there or not is your own choice.

If you want to move, check your rental contract very carefully to see what the cancellation conditions are for your home.

If you would like more advice, contact the residential office on 03 338 60 66 or e-mail to [email protected] .