Accommodation in Liège

Updated 2018-08-24 14:40

Liege is one of the many French-speaking cities in Belgium. It’s also the capital city of the Wallonia region. How to find accommodation in Liege?


Liege is nicknamed 'the ardent city.' It's a French-speaking city, the first agglomeration in Wallonia. Liege is the economic capital of the region and has hundreds of thousands of inhabitants. One of the first four most populated cities in Belgium.

Neighbourhoods in Liege

There are 27 different neighbourhoods in Liege:

Amercoeur ' Angleur - Bois-de-Breux (Grivegnée neighbourhood) ' Bressoux ' Burenville - Centre (composed of Le Carré, Avroy, Féronstrée and Hors-Château, Pierreuse, the Latin neighbourhood, Saint-Gilles, les Terrasses and Ãlot Saint-Michel) ' Chênée ' Cointe - Droixhe (Bressoux neighbourhood) ' Glain ' Grivegnée ' Guillemins ' Jupille - Kinkempois (Angleur neighbourhood) ' Laveu ' Longdoz - Norht (composed of Coronmeuse, Saint-Léonard) ' Outremeuse ' Rocourt - Saint-Laurent - Sainte-Marguerite - Sainte-Walburge (composed of Naimette-Xhovémont) - Sart Tilman (Angleur neighbourhood) - Sclessin (ancient neighbourhood of Ougrée and composed of Val-Benoît) - Thier-à-Liège - Vennes (composed of Fétinne) and Wandre.

How to find a place to live in Liege?

You can get help from online websites, newspapers, real estate agencies, networks and word of mouth, and even signs displayed outside accommodations to rent.

The city also has its own institutions that help landlords and tenants get in touch: The Habitat House, ZIP/QI, and the Housing Management. Social accommodations are available depending on resources and family situations.

Rent prices

According to professionals, one square meter costs 5.74⬠(July 2014.) A monthly rent is an average of 592â¬.

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