Living and visiting Mauritius

I have never visited Mauritius, I would like to visit the area where I can find the number of expats.  I would like to know what things I should do and where I should stay to really get to know what it's like to live there.  Is Port-Louis the best place to visit ?


Port Louis being the capital will give you a very basic idea. You will get to meet the wonderful people, see some beautiful monuments and experience the city side of things.

However, you definitely need to travel a little around the island to really experience things as there is so much to see :)

It is better then nothing but there is so much more on offer!

Hello Liberty,

To better help you out, maybe you can tell us the purpose of your visit; exchange student, business, long term tourist visit, employment, retirement etc.

Port Louis, being the capital city, is where many people including expats work. Many stuff to do and see in one place.

However the bulk of expats in Mauritius live along the Northern and Western coast of the island. This is also where you are more likely to find people if you want to socialise.

There is no one particular place to stay to get a feel of the island. Mauritius, despite being tiny, is not homogeneous and each area has it's own culture and characteristics.

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