S Pass rejected due to low salary offered by employer

Hi! I'm a newbie here. I just need your advice right now.

I am currently here in Singapore with a tourist pass. I got hired last July 28 2017 to COMPANY A and my employer applied for my S Pass last August 1 2017. Unfortunately, my pass was rejected August 14 2017 due to low salary offered by my employer which is $2200 only. So my employer said that they will give me $2400 as it was the approved salary range by the SAT in order to have the S Pass. My problem now is that, if my employer did the appeal since the HR is not very friendly with me every time I follow up my application. Also, how long will the appeal result come out since I only have 3 weeks left. It is very frustrating that I don't have any assurance with this appeal application.

The second thing is, I applied for another COMPANY B and I was hired also. And I discuss my situation to them. This company is asking me if I can cancel the first application right away since they cannot wait for me any longer.

Note that Company A is bigger and better than Company B.

Is it okay if I call the MOM to verify my appeal application? And is it possible to be granted with appeal applications?

Can someone give me an advice what to do since I'm afraid to lose both job offers. Your help is much appreciated. Thank you so much!

You have multiple issues. First and foremost MoM doesn't like people visit Singapore using visiting pass for 30 days then apply jobs here, which is illegal. Secondly, you were lucky enough to get two offers in span of a week time or so.

By reaching out MoM yourself, wouldn't suffice your cause better (due to the fact that you are holding a tourist visa). Thirdly, asking to cancel your earlier application which is pending for an appeal (chances are low to get approval), MoM would consider you, as a sole purpose of visiting here was to search job and due to earlier application was not successful, you are trying the next one (again no guarantee it will approve though).

I would suggest ask the first employer to check the appeal or if you don't want to work with them, then ask to withdraw their application at MoM so that company B can apply for you. Due to tight review process at MoM, chances don't look promising but there is nothing wrong to give a try.

Lastly, there is no issue of 3 weeks left for you in Singapore. Once your S pass approved even after 3 months or so, employer will notify you then you can come here as an employee with your legal working visa approval letter. Good luck.

Thank you so much for your response Sir.

Surya: It is not illegal to look for a job (and have a work pass applied for) during a stay on tourist visa!

But all else you wrote is correct: The OP must first decide if he/she wants to work with company A or B, then inform the companies accordingly (Note: The termination notice period, penalties and other requirements from the employment contract apply!).
If company A is informed that he/she does not want to work with them any more, they have to cancel the work pass application without delay (the job seeker can NOT do that hoim/herself!). Company B can only apply for a work pass after company A cancelled the application.
There is no guarantee any of the passes would be approved. The average processing time is currently two months.

Work pass was not applied on or before her arrival. It was only applied after she got selected by an employer while she was on a tourist visa. In fact she is in tourist visa.

In ICA website it has mentioned clearly that when you are on a social visit, should not engage any form of employment (paid or unpaid), unless you have a valid work pass issued from MoM, which she has not.

I know many people do this, despite of clear instruction from ICA, it's a violation of law, recently there was a news article in Strait Times about the loophole and misuse of social visit pass by tourists.

Surya: I think we have a misunderstanding here!
I assumed that she just applied for jobs and attended interviews while here on a tourist visa. That is allowed (and also ICA does not say otherwise).
If she actually works while on tourist visa, i.e. before the work pass is approved by MoM, then it is clearly illegal and (given the severe penalties) a pretty dumb thing to do in Singapore.

True, ICA says engaging any kind of job, business or any professional active while on a tourist visa is illegal. Yes, theoretically it's not illegal applying jobs while on social pass as under clause 91A, it didn't elaborate further.

That's where loophole comes in and many people do engage applying jobs which is not barred. The article in Strait Time was highlighted about this loophole. I am taking back the word illegal from my early statement. Thanks

How long did it take to get the approval

Hi all. I’ve been reading the posts all night and decided to ask a question myself. Hope that anybody can advise me. My Spass was due for renewal last december and our HR just informed me that it was rejected. She sent me the letter itself saying that they want to keep on employing me they should consider increasing me salary. Im currently earning 2400 and got an increment of 100 so now its 2500. We have tried the assessment and my pass should be approved if my salary is around 2600. The problem is that company cannot afford to increase my salary but still decided to appeal my case saying on average i earn another 650+ For my. OT. Im worried that results won’t make it in time before my pass expires (on feb 4) do you guys think there is a chance my pass would get approved?

Sorry, with a salary below the minimum stipulated by MoM, you have no chance of approval. They consider only guaranteed base salary, no overtime pay or bonusses.
If your employer can afford to pay that much OT, they can also increase the base. If they are unwilling to give you your market value, better look for another employer or make plans to leave Singapore soon.

@beppi thanks beppi for the advise. will definitely look for another employer, hopefully i can find one soon.

Hi its more than a year now but i just want to know the outcome of your appeal? is it approve in the end? as i have the same situation right now

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