Loss of Permesso di Soggiorno Ricevuta

Hi there, I'm a student of Roman Archaeology based in Rome and recently while traveling to France my passport was stolen along with the ricevuta for my second Permesso. I filed a police complaint in France and am about to receive my new passport but am not sure what to do about the loss of the Ricevuta? I have the proof of purchase and receipt from the Poste so, does that help? What do I do?

Any advice would be welcome. Tks!

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They will have a record of you having one, just go to the post, with your receipt and a copy of your report to the police and you should be issued you with a new one.

You will also need to print this out and fill it in

http://www.portaleimmigrazione.it/immig … dulo_1.pdf

Tks. This is the form for a new application, am I correct? Since, I'm applying for my second Permesso I didn't pay except for the 'bollo' so, if I fill this up and resubmit will I have to pay a fee apart from the bollo? Tks!

Hi there,
@F1demon can you please let me know what could you do?
Did you get a duplicate of your recevuta by going to the post office.
I am in a very same situation and need to learn this.


Don’t worry just visit questura everything will be ok

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