where is the best place to live ?

Hello :)

My husband, 2 kids and I are considering going to Mauritius oct 2017-marts 2018.
we really need a very nice house with 4 -5 bedrooms, pool and hopefully close by beach, to live in and have no idea where to search.
its also important to have som other neighbors with children.

could anyone help us suggesting the best area to live in ?

kind regards
marie from Denmark


You can check here ( but watch out for the prices since some believe that all the visitors must be millionaires in their country of origin):

otherwise check this site:


Check out Seeff Properties...


If you search the site you will find a number of topics on this subject where people have shared their views.  A lot will depend on your personal preferences so a pre-visit would be a good idea to familiarise yourself with the island.

Hi Marie

Im moving to Maurtius within the next 2 weeks with husband and 3 children. Im also from Denmark so write me a pm.

I would recommend Tamarin/ black river. It has good schools and is a very family oriented place. Nice community of expats and mauritians.
Can be very quiet as a result and have this feeling of being dead flat at times.
You have to make the most of it and not expect the place to do it for you.
However for a more active and touristy life, then Grand Bay is the place for you. Also has good schools.
We know of a 5 bed house with pool and very big garden available at end of October or a 3 bed flat on a Marina available immediately.
No matter where you decide settle, I'm sure that you and your family will enjoy Mauritius

What about the public transport from Tamarin to the centre of the Island (Quatre Bornes, Cyber City etc)? Or public transportation is not an option for expats?

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