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How can we make process this case fastly as I am ready to pay now. Is there is any email I'd for moj that we can send email or any other solution to contact moj to finish the case.

I need to know that after payment I can request moj to give me final exit or not because may be company will make delay for my final exit. Kindly advice me

I am sorry i can't comment on this.

Is there any issue to go now for exit re entry as case is under process not finalised. In absher nothing showing related to any cases only in moj showing this case under consideration. Please reply that I can go for exit re entry or not

Check in absher if u have any generalization report. If report is not there, u can go exit re entry. If report is there, u can't.

There nothing showing but in moj showing this case and status is under process. How can I make sure that I can go exit re entry. And I have another question can I pay this amount directly to court or wait until order comes

Hello sir

    I just wondering if you can help me, because my company force me to sign a letter, the letter is in full arabic without any translation. I ask for translation but they dont give any instead they send our masri accountant and he translate it to me he told me that its for the salary that i take every month and everyone here signed it so he told me to sign it. So i sign but after 2days i send the picture of the letter to some of my friends and they look for someone to translate it they say that the letter is a bad news for me

please sir yosef11 help me with my concern

Please use Google translate to read your company letter

The problem is we sign the letter sir..without knowing what it is

You can go labor court and make a complaint

Sir may I ask what is the location of labor court here in riyadh? sorry sir but I'm still not familiar around here

thank you sir..

Please reply dear Abdul ansari

please sir..I really need some help

Pls search on Google because i am not so much familiar with riyadh...

Dear, pls ask some saudi as i can't understand  what exactly is written in your case portal .

So kindly ask any saudi guy.... He may guide you

if you want sir i send the picture of the letter..

Dear Sir,

I am an employee of a company in dammam for the past 9 years which has got a branch in hafer al batin also. Since my company has not renewed my iqama and also they have not given the salary for the past 4 months, i have given the case against the company on 14 july 2019. The hearing in the labour office has completed on 19/08/2019 and now they have transferred my case file to the labour court. Still i have not received the date for the first hearing in the labour court. I am worried about the time which is taking to settle this case because i dont have the money to survive due to the unrealization of salary and my family also is affected due to this. If i go on exit, then i will get a job in india and i can feed the family. So i would like to ask you whether i should go ahead with the legal process or shall i go to the headoffice and stay there until i get the final exit and the settlement which will take 1 to 2 months after cancelling the case against the company. Kindly guide me.

Pls message me the picture of letter

You need to ask the labor office officials about dates of case and how much time it will take to settle. In your case since you are running out of funds, you need to go exit as well. So maybe you could have to make a compromise with your company our of court. But if your company doesn't takes much interest with you, only court can help you. But the process is usually lengthy often. I also came across a case of one of my friends whose case was solved within 3 days in jubail. But i really don't know what's the status but you need to chase up the officials to get heard soon.

Ask your company officials that if they can settle you out of court then opt for that...

abdul.ansari2007 :

Pls message me the picture of letter

sir is there any other way to send the picture to you?


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finish sending sir

Dear sir

I received sms from moj that pay the amount within 5 days and invoice number and amount mentioned. Sir if I pay online this issue will closed or need to go to court after payment. I can request to court to issue final exit for me or not. I received sms on 28.08.19 evening so within 5 days means upto 02.09.19 I can pay the amount right sir. If I didn't pay on time what will happen sir kindly reply me sir

Yes you will have to pay as soon as possible. If you don't pay, depending on your sponsor how he had filed the case, you can be arrested as well. Not mandatory but chances are there. Better pay online thru sadad. Then let the court handle.

Remember to be soft spoken with your sponsor and plead to him that you have paid or made mistake or whatever. But try to convince him to close the case since you have paid.

Amount is 13000 and this is my salary advance amount. If this amount not paid on time as per court order there will be chances of arrest or not. Please tell me that 28th eveng only I received sms for payment so 5 days means counting from 29 or 28. If I pay can I get final exit from court or nor. Please reply sir

Amount is 13000 and this is my salary advance amount. If this amount not paid on time as per court order there will be chances of arrest or not. Please tell me that 28th eveng only I received sms for payment so 5 days means counting from 29 or 28. If I pay can I get final exit from court or nor. Please reply sir

3 things i am telling you finally.

If your sponsor has reported or selected option to arrest, you will be arrested.

Otherwise if you don't pay within 5 days, the amount will increase.

If you pay on time, the court will close case and you will be clear and can go exit .

Dear sir

Case status showing commands send to parties 1 is report to moi and there is one reference number 2 is payment invoice issue and 3 is showing like reporting through newspaper. If I pay amount can I approach court to issue final exit if company not given me final exit

Yes you can approach court once case is closed. For final exit .

I'm seeking a suitable legal firm to represent me in a Labor Dispute with my previous employer in Riyadh.  Just need recommendation on Legal Firm experienced in Saudi Labor Law settlements?

I can be contacted via M ***or email***

Kind regards


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Dear Jayson,

Please PM your contact number

Pls check your message box. I have sent something 3 weeks back.

Dear Mr. Yossef
Good Day
I am deeply impressed by your gesture and gratitude. Sometimes in a hard situations good and accurate piece of advise can drag you out from the bad situation.
Mr. Yossef I have one query to ask, Please assist me on that if you could, I am a PHP developer working in small company.
My contract with the company is only for 2 years of duration. And this year on 25 November-2019, I am going to complete my contract, And even my Iqama is going to expire on 23 November-2019. 3 days before ending my contract. Now I don't want to renew my contact and my Iqama either, from the current employer.
But the problem is he will not going to give me transfer even if i give him the notice period which I am thinking to give him in this current month. Can you please advise me what possible options i have left with in the end after giving them the notice period. Because they will going to renew my iqama against my will I know.
Even if you want i can send you my contract copy also which one paper they provide me in the beginning.
Please advise me on this, As I am suffering from this tense situation.

Hai sir

My case is finished as I paid through saddad. Now how can I get final exit through court as my company not will to do so. Kindly advice me in this matter.

Ask labor court. Normal civil courts cannot give you exit.

Hi, I hope you can answer a question regarding ESB. I saw it posted on some topics but there was no clear answer.

What is included in the ESB, is it only the Basic Salary or also the allowances - housing and transportation? If I have to leave the company after and they only give me ESB only including the Basic Salary, bu allowances should be included in the computation, how can I address this to my company, like is there a legal document from the MOL about it?

Can anyone respond please.

Sir i great to see this. Sir i am working in a restaurant in madinah for the last 21 months. But now they have sold the restaurant to new company and forcing me to sign a contract with them. But i refused because i have already worked 21 months with u now i want to go on final exit to my country. Sir he also took thumb impression and sign on a paper written we have cleared all labour liabilities to this person. Sir i did not signed a contract with them they have contract paper where they have sign of consultant and owner (not kafeel) there is no my signatures on that contract paper. Sir please help me in this regard. Sir now i go everyday to kafeel's office please send me to my country either on leave or on final exit. But he says tomorrow and tomorrow.
Please sir tell me what should i do now. How can i go to my country back. Please please please.

Anybody knew of a good Lawyer in Riyadh City who's expertise is in Banking loan?
Very much appreciated if you could spare a help.

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