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I arrived here in ksa on 6th sept 2018
And my manager dosent like my work after working 16 days and he send me back to manpower agency. He took my interview on skype and selected me from my home country india.
Now its been 45 days and i did not receive any salary and he want to take me back with low salary and low designation.
Though as per contract he is breaching
And my passport is with my manpower recurit company in ksa
My visa is visit visa 90 days.
And in my contract its mention if i leave my work or come back within 2 years i have to pay penalty sar 10000

Now agency is forcing me to take that job with new contract low salary and low position or need to pay penalty to them. What should i do in this case.

I am located in Al-Khobar. My sponsor have not paid me salaries since 18-Months. He is not willing to give transfer sponsorship even. I am planning to register a case. I would like to ask you, is there any difference if register case direct to Labor Office or through lawyer? What are the advantages, if I register case through lawyer? What you recommend?  I need your sincere advice.
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Greetings to you!

What can I do in order to get my jewelry back to me since the person who got it, is not paying based on the verbal agreement? A lot of excuses. Can I sue her for not paying if she will not return it to me?

Dear Yousef

In Saudi Arabia, before 6 months one guy was giving me a side with his car. I was with my family and 6 months old son. I panicked and did verbal abuse. After that the guy hit my car from back and started following me.

Now we have a case in court. So I need to know is there any wrong doing on me? If yes what is punishment of verbal abuse specially when some one poked me.

I was working as a full time employee and recently I was terminated (mentioned as terming contract based on mutual agreement). My employer sent me an email with details of end of service benefits and deductions and I was surprised to find that they deducted the Education allowance which was provided for my kids education (deduction was on prorated basis) and they also deducted some amount as government fees (iqama fee).

Kindly advise me if this is legal?

Can the employee deduct the allowances?



I was working as a full time employee and recently I was terminated (mentioned as terming contract based on mutual agreement). My employer sent me an email with details of end of service benefits and deductions and I was surprised to find that they deducted the Education allowance which was provided for my kids education (deduction was on prorated basis) and they also deducted some amount as government fees (iqama fee).

Kindly advise me if this is legal?

Can the employee deduct the allowances?

Dear Sir,

I have a question. You can reply me at your convenience.

A = Employer
B = Employ

If B filed a case against A for some reason like EOSB not given to B, and B case reaches somehow to the MOJ (in B favor).

In the meantime, A sales out his company to other, then who will be held responsible for B's case ? (Not bankrupt just sold out)

Can A prolong the case and gain benefit out of this situation ? Will court prolong the case and it goes negative in B's part ?

Hope I was clear in my question and didn't leave any confusion.


Dear Sir,

I am working in a company for 9 Years. Last contract Which I signed with my company is on 01/Sep/2017 and contract period is for one year (up to 31/Aug/2018).

As our company's contract with our client is not confirmed, In Last May 2018, We received an "End Of Contract" email from HR department and to serve notice period for 1 month. As the need arises from the company side , the HR department send another email to rejoin the duty from June 2018 to work for the Summer term only.

Since June 2018 until today (December 2018), no new contract has been issued from the company side for the period starting from 01/Sep/2018.(Means,We are working without contract until today).

In this situation, If an employee resigns from his job what will be his ESB Calculation? Whether he will get his full benefits for 9 years? or 2/3 of his benefits? Please clarify.

Hi Yousuf, my employer is not giving me a transfer I came this company on my own visa but still he refused and has already deducted my one month salary and end of service award because I didn't complete 3 month notice period because new employer wanted me in a month, I talk to my immidiate manager before resignation then he told me just deduct my salary and i can go anywhere but now ny employer is not accepting my transfer request.

Please suggest me Where I am standing and what should I do legally?


Goodpm sir,im licensed health care professional trained in Emergency in a big hospital,but working as part time job in derma clinic,im trainee for 2 days trainee in laser,but i burned the patient sensitive area and my senior perceptor left me while doing the procedure.this clinic i presently work in is not my kafeel.sir i would like to ask any consequences and liabilities on my part.i I need your legal advise in this matter

Dear Sir,
Please share ur contact details.
Moeed Yaseen

Hi sir good afternoon I am mark and a Filipino. I was hired as a an assistant manager from the Philippines and was given an iqama here in Saudi as a restaurant worker but I work as an assistant manager. I was given the chanCE to handle a store and my problem starts here. When my store was audited and there are many shortage. I had shortage with my condiment and pizza toppings which was being entered into the p.o.s as a whole price of a large pizza and was being multiplied 10 times. It reached 38000 Saudi riyals . I was asked to sign a paper accepting the said shortages. Yes I did signed buymt every detail of what I wrote there has an open and close parenthesis .stating that I just signed coz I was being force to sign. Which is really they did. After that I was being transferred to another branch and when I started to work there I  run away from my company and when I surrendered they accused me that I stole the sales money of that branch. And I was being put I. Jail for one month. When I was I. Jail I was not being presented into the court until I was given a temporary released with the help of a Saudi national who act as my guarantor or Kafala. Sir I would like to ask if I really do have a case and if the judge can give out his judgement even if I was not being brought to bureau of investigation.and if the judge can give out his judgement even if I'm not there?coz I didn't receive any summon due to my unknown address. And sir how can I avail for your services and how much will u charge me .thanks

Dear Mr. Youssef,

Is it legal to work after iqama expires? with a final exit visa.

Dear Sir

Can you help me.. I have a problem in Immigration Jawasat told me i need to wait text message from Gov. for me to can pay through sadad but until now i did not receive how to hurry that message do you have idea how to process or need to do....



Someone took money from me 4 years back for some business purpose & he was paying me some profit. However, as i needed my money back I requested him to return the money 2 years back and since than he has not shared any profit nor is he returning the principal amount. The money he owes me is around SR 20,000.

I intend to complain him to Police but need to know how to do that. While I also wish to know the pros & cons of it.


Dear Youssef,

I am have been working in saudi since 6 years on 27th January 2019 my contract finished and I already applied for final exit and company has already processed for it , but I haven't received any money I have also 5 months salary pending , my exit visa would expire on 23rd April I would like to get your advice on below 2 cases

Case 1:

If my company doesn't give money by 23rd April 2019 and if i submit case against my company , is there any option/facility  from labor court by which i can work in saudi till my case goes on something like temporary work permit  or work permit for 1 year or if i get offer from any other company can they renew my iqama and transfer on their sponsor

Case 2:

If my company doesn't give money by 23rd April 2019 and if i submit case against my company , but in this case if i don't want to stay in saudi and go back to my native country , is it possible to authorize someone or in that case the lawyer himself and does it affect the outcome or the time span of the case being solved.

Please reply me regarding this issue , it would be great help for me.


Nischal Patel

Hello sir

Hope your are fine,

Sir i need some legal advise to change transfer to another company. Right now i am working in azmeel contraction company my salary is delay from sept 2018
But sometimes they are paying me 1 but overall my salary delay.. and my iqama is valid four months remaining to expire,

I need transfer to another company can you please advise me how can in take transfer  because my company is not allowing me seriousle sir i have very bad situation please help.

hi, how are you? I want to know what if Saudi company is not paying you dues is it possible to hire a separate lawyer and file case in court or only we have to go through labor court procedure?

Dear Mr. Yossef
I’m glad to read your kind intentions to help people out there in need.
My sponsor is azmeel contracting, a construction company who failed to pay the salaries of employees working under their sponsorship.
What can be done?
To claim the remaining settlement amount?

I’ve come to know many cases earlier where the court has given its verdict in favour of the employee, but still the employer is not paying the salaries even after months of follow up.


Alhamdulillah yossef11,

Sir,  i came in saudi arabiya before 2 month, i got two disease during these days 1. Anxiety disorder (Brain) 2. Scabied and ringwarm.. i came on 2 year contract i took too much madicines after all i told my company for 1 month vacation for medical treatment at my country but they told me that i have to pay 10,000SR..i don't have money...

Can you help me sir

Dear sir yousef11. No need to flatter you because you are already truly handsome and kind. These is real talk.

sir yousef11 obviously connected with you means we need help. Pls do help me🙏

1. Started working here jan 2011.I completed my 8yrs here this last feb2019
* My vacations== first was feb2014 40days
*I got 1mnth salary(back pay) when i came back march2014*

                My 2nd was jan2017 40days
I and got my 1month salary(back pay) when i came back feb2017

This 2019 of january i completed my 8 yrs. Unfortunately surprisingly she sell the center and all the employees without us knowing.

We signed as well as thumbs mark on arabic letters without knowing what stated on that paper. She ensisted it was for baladiya.

Me and other 2 colleagues working for 20 yrs now asked or EOSB but she confidently hardly not giving it as she insisted that the center was bankrupt which not true at all.

My question is how do we get our EOSB if she hardly not giving it and the one that we signed maybe stated there that we recieve the amount or something like that so that if ever we complain will be useless.

Kindly tell us how the procedure we have to make🙏 your magic help waiting here. Thanks for helping to all in needs  here in this forum.
Jazakallah khair❤️

Hi sir, good evening
I am henry im a filipino, i'm currently working here at MVPI riyadh, i was covicted for 6 months from  month of july last year and out last january this year. My company took me back to work and now im having trouble to my resignation,  my company send me a non-aaceptance of my resignation due to my outstanding case and they said my case is still open and i must have clearance from the court. They can't process an exit visa for me and they cant process my backpay for the 6 months i was in jail. They akso keeping my passport, I have only 2 years contract and it will be finish on june 8,2019. I want to go home exactly to my end of contract but i dont know what to do.
I am please to help me or give me an advice for this matter.
Thank you so much
And Godbless

Salam Sir,

I am a Malaysian working for Malaysian Consulate (Tourism section) since 2000 until to date. I was appointed by the Minister of Tourism to open an office in Jeddah.

From 200-2003 , I was under contract from Malaysia and later they confirmed me to be the permanent local staff.

2 days ago my Director told me that my Headoffice planned to end my service by this December 2019. When I checked with Headoffice, it was The Director decision to terminate my service.

Is there any other way I can fight for my rights.

Thank you Sir.

Hello dear yousef

I have a case in labor court since 1 year and the first decision was exit visa and give me my money, now I passed by again to follow up but they said where were me for 1 year

Question : if they decided to give me exit visa means they will put band for me 3 years not allowed to come back or no ?


i would like to seek an advised , i got new offer , at first my company allow me for transfer and i submit my resignation in the last stage my company did not approved my transfer due to conflict of interest, i explained to my company  that i will work in a client side as per the saudi labor law
" Article (٨٣):
If the work assigned to the worker allows him to get acquainted with the employer’s customers, or to have access to his business secrets, the employer may require the worker in the contract not to compete with him or reveal his secrets upon expiration of the contract. For this condition to be valid, it shall be in writing and specific in terms of time, place and type of work and to the extent required to protect the legitimate interests of the employer. In all cases, the duration of such agreement shall not exceed two years from the date of termination of the relationship between the two parties.

Sir when people strike because delayed wages, is it paid to Saudi labor law? What should we do to our employer if we do not give my 8 month salary and benefits? My contact is over sir i need your advice, thanks...

Dear Sir - A valuable service that required by everyone. So thankful to you. I filed a case with labor office then to Dammam courts due to non receipt of salaries and benefits. Judge given verdict that company has to pay got "winning" document too. My former company has to pay my dues by 30/04/2019 but still not credited. Then via electronic services (Absher) I posted the case and now what should I do. how long will it take to that company to pay my all dues. Pls. advise me.

Dear Sir,
I believe I’ve been swindled by 2 individuals whom I paid money to be employed and transfer my sponsorship.  What shall I do, I have no more money to even pay for my food and no place to live as I move from one city to another.

Assalamualaykum. Myself Mohammed Aasif. I am working here in mena port dammam as a male nurse. I came here in aug 2017 but my iqama is a belder. I requested so many times to company to change my profession to nurse. Now in July 2019 they changed it to paramedic without my consent. Now in aug i complete my contract and i shall decide not to  continue work here. But the company said you have to pay 1000 riyal of profession changing in iqama. But i requested them to nurse profession not paramedic. Now what will i do

Hello mr. Youssef, i have sent you a PM. Pls check and respond to it.

Dear Yousef sir

i am writing this post with the  hope that might be this email you will read and help me in my current situation , sir i'm Pakistani citizen and working in Khobar with some company , last month(july 2019)  i resigned from the company with notice period and during the resign they agreed to give me local transfer in kingdom as they hired me through local transfer , it was promised to give me local transfer after the proper handover and training the replacement , when i handover everything and trained my replacement i received the call that we are going to give you final exit please cell your car other wise they might process for the haroob (blacklist from the kingdom) , they even cut my salary and end of service as well but i did not speak but now due to resignation they got personnel that why you resigned i already informed them due to personnel issue i could not continue with them.

furthermore it was also written in my contract that after the resignation they will allow to return inside kingdom for work but the project manger of my company is not agreeing to anything .

i'm hoping may be this post will reach to you .

Dear Sir,
I have just gone through your post. would you please  answer my question in this forum and oblige me thereby. Thank you in anticipation.

" My friend left the kingdom before 9 months. He authorized to me his end of service benefit to be received by me by WAKALA.
while following his dues , the hospital tells that his money is approved but there is no budget or money available. This has been going for last 9 months. I have followed up to directorate level the answer is same. Is there any legal step to take to expedite to receive the dues. "
PS; The person worked for MOH for 11 years under directorate Riyadh region. Left without his End Of service benefit.
Riyadh, KSA

Hi sir. I need some legal advice from you that one of my friend working in riyadh his kafil make a case for financial implementation of 13000 sr this case just only filed and status showing as under consideration .what we have to do for this case how long it will take to finalise and is there any way to make speedy process. Kindly need your advice

Possibly if the case is genuine then he'll have to repay the kafeel within 5 days.

Check the resolutions implementation such as 34 , 46, etc etc. Until u pay the debt,. U can't get exit re entry or open any other bank account or money transfer services.

If u fail to pay back for a Long time then u may Also get imprisoned for time until u pay him debt.

Dear sir

He is ready to pay and already inform many time to company but company file application for case and now case status showing under process. Can you advise me that how can I pay to court at the earliest because case still under process and don't know when I get order to pay the amount. Is there is any way to process speedily this issue in court. They file case in riyadh executive court. I get notification from moj on 04.08.2019 and after that no notification received and when I checked with company they are saying on process so how long I have to wait for this case. Bond amount is mention in case is 13000. Please suggest me the way to finalise speedly. In my absher account nothing showing about this case so still there is problem for traveling or not.

U have to pay through sadad if there's a payment invoice generated.

Company just make an application in the court for this case and status showing under process that's why I asked how long this process will take and is there is any way to speedup the process so I can pay immediately. Also want to know if any case under consideration and not yet make final execution till now is this will not allow us to go for exit re entry from ksa. Because in my absher there is nothing showing as travel ban or any issues but only showing in moj this court case under process. Kindly advice me

Dear the process is very short. If u got any invoice number in your sms for the amount of 13000, you have to pay thru sadad. Pls cross check once with your company PR (saudi national).

Also search for MOJ excel enquiry on Google nd open first link. Enter your iqama no. Date of birth and all and then u will get sms on ur phone. Then you can check case status.
It might show you there that invoice has been generated and invoice number will appear there.  Enter that invoice# in sadad and make payment.

As per my knowledge, the payment shall be made within 5 days of invoice creation date.

Its not a lengthy process. You can also tweet to MoJ for any help.

I checked but status is under consideration and case type showing human rights and case showing execute an order. Court is executive court Riyadh. Bond amount showing 13000 and prof is commercial bills. This much details only I got. Sponsor make case for company and total 3 parties 1 company 2 kafil 3 me. This is same case like financial implementation right?


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