LOC status - Website says 'No Record' - Why?

Hi, good morning.

Need help guys, i was interviewed last tue aug 22. Then i was offered the job and take copy of ltvp.
Then they say wait for the call to when i will start because they applied LOC.
Today morning aug 25. I try to check online the status of my LOC, but the Website say no record.

Thank you for your help in advance.

How did you check online? Did you check using someone's FIN? Normally it asks FIN number.

You can't check your LOC status using someone's FIN as when you type someone's FIN in the site, it verify the FIN with their system database record which is why it says no record as your passport and someone's FIN does not match. So, you only can see your data after FIN allotted to you.

It takes a week or two to generate the FIN in the system and why you don't wait your employer inform you that your FIN is generated and LOC is approved.

It's always wise to wait for the employer to inform you. Have patience. Good luck.

I used the ep online to check the status.
I already have FIN number, just they apply me the LOC, letter of consent. I holding LTVP under P.R.
Thank you for your advice, maybe a bit more patience.

Hope you will get your LOC very soon. Wish you all the best in your new job role.

It sometimes takes a while until the online system is updated. Be patient (or call MoM).

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