Life of a Filipino nurse in Singapore

Hello dear friends,

I'm a newbie here. I am planning to apply as a Staff Nurse in Singapore through an agency here in Manila, PH. However, I am considering a lot of things before I push through.

Anyone here who can be honest enough for PROS and CONS working as a Staff Nurse in Singapore?
E.g. -work environment, cost of living, salary(not tax free unlike in Middle East)

My number one priority is to save up.

Thanks in advance! :)

Below are in shortest way to describe your queries:

Cost of living : one of the costliest city in the world. You have to stay in a rented house (either a shared room or individual room in shared flat in order for you to save anything).

Work environment: Highly discipline and ethical work culture to adhere all the time, no racism or communalism (can't be tolerated and will face heavy penalty if you caught), one of the safest place in the world.

Salary: depends on your work experience and skills and nursing certificate (whether it's recognized by MoM). It's not tax free country but it is one of the lowest income tax zone. You can calculate how much you will pay tax based on salary offered to you (Tax slabs are available online). But, I believe you will not pay more than $1000 at maximum as tax per annum.

Last not the least who ever comes Singapore for job, most of them have same priority like you to save money and secondly getting international exposure (from a world class city - a top 4 financial hub in the world). Good luck.

One word of caution, since you mentioned going through an agent:
Many job placement agents are dishonest and most that charge a fee (which is actually not allowed in Singapore) aren't worth the money. Try applying directly at suitable employers in Singapore to avoid problems and maximise your chances - the limited number of hospitals in Singapore makes this easy.
If you go with an agent, keep in mind that the employer (not the agent!) applies for your work visa and must, by law, pay the (small) fee for it - you should not have to pay extra for the visa. (Most agents will tell you otherwise and earn good money for nothing ...)

Hi! Im planning to work in singapore this year, I also have the same questions in mind. May I know if you were able to push through with your application? How was it?


Hi! Have you push ypur application?

Hi 😊
Newbie here in this forum. I would like to seek some help from you guys, coz i'm planning to tour and find a nursing job in SG.  I have an experience in saudi for 3 yrs in a polyclinic as a staff nurse and just came back home in philippines last month. Is it really hard to look for a nursing job in SG? I haven't taken SNB yet, but i am willing to do so. I would like to take risk in applying directly than going through agency. I know agencies will ask for a lot of money. Thanks for those who will respond.

Just try it...anyway you'll be given 30days tourist visa by immigration upon entry in SG. I heard that some were lucky and some were not in their applications. Goodluck.....

Not yet but it will be my 3rd year working in the hospital this September. I tried calling all the top 3 agencies here in Manila that sends nurses in SG to help me with my application however, when they found out that the hospital I'm currently working in is not a tertiary hospital, they advised me that employers will only consider my application for an Enrolled Nurse eventhough I passed the qualification of being a staff nurse for 3 years. It was a frustrating day for me, having said that I wouldn't make it to SG as a Staff Nurse. As for the idea of resigning and transferring to another hospital, another 3 years would be such a pain in the arse :(

Hi, Im also a nurse wanting to land a job in SG as a staff nurse, based on my research you need an agency here in Manila to process your application, planning a tour in SG and finding a job there as a Staff Nurse will not take you anywhere (I'm sorry), it is a must that the agency here will be the one to coordinate with the employers in SG, will do background check and will let you have an interview if you are qualified, if you passed the interview the day after will be your exam for SNB. It will take about 2 months to know the result and if you are successful then you have to wait a minimum of 3 months for the processing. With regards to your experience in Saudi, based from what Ive researched on, they wouldn't allow ex-saudi nurses to apply, not sure about the reason why but from what Ive read the nursing council in Saudi Arabia doesnt respond that well with the needed requirements as a result there will be a long delay in the process, and agencies are the ones taking the blame. Trying calling some agencies here in the PH for some advices, goodluck with your job hunting :)

Hello I know it's been a year but May I ask if you are already in Singapore?

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