What is the best time to go to Singapore to look for a job?

What is the best time to go to Singapore to look for a job?

There is no best time to search a job here. Not sure what kind of job you r looking into. Singapore is the 3rd biggest financial market in the World after London and New York.

So it's obvious that Singapore market is an economy driven, when most of the major economies are struggling, it does have a significant impact on Singapore job market.

Most of the market players r more cautious in compare to last year, and playing wait n watch game. Many big firms r freezing their recruitment in 2016.

So, wisely this is not an ideal time to look for a job in Singapore.

Note: One thing always remember that do not pay money for any job in Singapore, as here no genuine company ask money for recruiting a candidate or his processing fee or visa fee etc.

Good luck.

Thank you for your reply.  I am Accountant for almost 20 years and plan to look for a job in Singapore.  It means this is not the best time to go to Singapore to look for a job.

It is said that looking for a job is easier right after Chinese New Year, because that's when the yearly bonuses are paid and many people wait with their resignation until after that.
But as Surya said, the main factor is the state of the economy in general.
You have to focus on skills and experiences you have that are rare but in demand in Singapore. Accountancy alone will not do it, as there are plenty of loal accountants (who must be hired first, by law).

In some extent after Chinese New Year, the market looks for openings, but in financial institutions where variable bonus are paid by end of March, does not have much difference.

In my 10 years experience in major banks and asset management houses in Singapore, I didn't notice much difference after Chinese New Year, but it rather happens in April and May month as that's the time people shuffling across banks and financial institutions after receiving their variable bonus.

But as I mentioned in my first message, market condition is not good not only Singapore but also in HK. So, the opportunities will be lesser. Then, that doesn't means you should not try, as having 20 years experience, you must be looking for a senior position. If you are able portrait yourself that why you are the best person for an opening suits your experience then I don't see why you will not get a chance.

All the best, harness your skill and experience to impress the selection panel in an interview here.


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