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Warm wishes. I'm landing at Toronto end of April . My daughters are 4.7 and 7.3 yrs old. In which grades they will get admission as immigrants? Will they start immediately or will they wait till the new session begins?What are the requirements?
Your answer will boost my confidence.

The school year in Canada runs from the day following Labor Day (in most places), so this year the new school year would begin on/about Tuesday, September 6, depending on the school district.

The end of the school year is usually in June.

Children start kindergarten at 5 years of age, and generally attend half day. First grade, six year olds, begin full day schooling. So your youngest child will likely start kindergarten this coming September, but you should check with the school district anyway.  Your oldest child would likely enter second grade and should start shortly after your arrival.

You will need transfers and transcripts from the schools they now attend. If they do not speak English or French as their first language they may need to be placed in ESL or FSL classes.

In Canada, students usually attend the school nearest their home. Again you need to contact the local school board to find out the school they'll attend and register your children at the school.

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the school start s in sept 1st week..

7 year kid can be in grade 2 or 1 depends !!! if he/she born in before dec 2008in canada, they will be in grade 2 . If they are immigrated and have to take admission in school , normally they will be 1 year behind.

born  in Canada between 1st jan -31st dec 2008 =jk=starts in sept 2012, sk in 2013sept,gr1in sept 2014 and on.....

now many schools have full-time kindergarten ..