Moving to Markham or Oakville from UK

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I have 3 children and am hoping to move to either Markham or Oakville. My children will be 4,5 and 7.

Does anyone have any advice, or experience of doing this sort of thing - is it worth going to a British school, or should I just place them straight into Canadian education? Is there a time of year perhaps I should specifically aim for?

My head's spinning, just don't know anything about this sort of thing!

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I would recommend you put your kids into your neighborhood Canadian school. When I moved to London Canada from the States my son was 8 years old and he adjusted very quickly. Since he attended a school in our neighborhood he was able to get to know children he could play easily with after school. If you are going to be purchasing a house ask your real estate agent which neighborhoods have the best schools. Unfortunately some schools are better then others based on economics. Better neighborhood equal better schools. Due to their ages any time of year to start would be fine. At those ages they will probably have a best friend after the first day. Good luck. If you have any more questions just ask.


Wow thanks Christine.

Thanks so much for taking the time out to reply, much appreciated.

In UK we have the 'Ofsted' reports which each school have to be graded against, and they get an overall score, showing prospective parents what grade school it has acheived. Do they have anything like that in Canada?


Check out click on find information about school. From there you can choose elementary schools and find information about specific schools. It is pretty informative. Hope this helps.

I used to work in MArkham  and its close to Toronto proper and Oakville..I prefer Oakville as a quit place to live ...though it is  far from Toronto City.