HR Certification / Qualification important for Toronto

Hi all

I am from Jeddah and migrating to Canada very shortly. I work in HR field and MBA but want to have a new HR qualification or certification through distant learning before moving to Canada.
Can any body suggest a certification program in HR, which will help me to develop my career in HR in Canada?


I just left my job as an HR Director in the States.  Look into the Society for Human Resource Management.  Their website is They offer an enormous amout of information, training, and mentor opportunities.  They also offer different levels of certification, to include a Global HR Cert.  The cost to join is $160 US per year.  If your in the field, its well worth the money.  Hope this helps!

Try Society for Human Resource Manamagement (SHRM). They have a website.

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How hard was it finding a job in Canada?