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iam a new member to this site. iam moving to toronto with my family in the end of nov 2012. i want to know the procedure for admitting my son to 11th grade. will he able to get admission in mid session.does he have to give any entrance test for the somebody help...thanxs.


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The public school systems all over Canada are under the jurisdiction of the provincial government and traditionally operated by the School Board of the various cities involved.

In Ontario students (normally) attend the secondary school in the area they live in [captation area]. Certain documents are required in order to enroll for classes, these are birth certificate to establish age only, vaccination record, transcript of academic record from school last attended and if the student is coming from another school within Canada a transfer request. That's about all.

The government is required to provide spaces for all students in their jurisdiction regardless of the time of year when they enroll so don't worry. The Canadian school year traditionally runs from August (just after Labor Day) until mid-June the following year.

Unless things have changed since I left school Ontario school boards have two secondary school programs - Grade 9 - 12 for students who do not intend to continue on to university; and 9 - 13 for those who will continue to university. While most courses are mandatory there are certain optional courses as well.

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