Learning french for TEF Canada

I would like to learn french and get to clb7 within a year. Does anyone have any tips for this?
I did a bit of french many years back so I can speak a bit and listen. Writing, formal speech and grammar is bad.

Please help. I want to do the TEF latest the end of 2021

hello! ou bonjour! :)

a friend of mine took TEF. As he said, just as with any other test - you just gotta find prototypes and practise as much as you can.

There are materials online for self-preparation. But that could be not effective enough. You could look for an online tutor who has experience preparing students for TEF. Those may have practical tips they've collected from students' stories. That worked for my friend - his tutor shared practical tips with him.

Thanks so much for the reply. Would you mind sending me details to contact this friend of yours? Maybe an email address or facebook name? If not it is also okay. I just want to get in touch with their tutor

happy to help!

sorry, we kinda ended on a bad note with that friend of mine. But I do know he found his tutor on a platform (most likely Preply, not sure I remember it right)