Please help

Hi, Im a girl from Peru, and i wanna travel soon (july) to canada, so i wonder what i need to know first and also what i need to do for get a job there or try to get a scholarship at the university cuz it would be great to finish my studies there.  I would like to meed someone from there, So we could start a nice friendship cuz i need to know a lot of thing from canada. Sorry my english sucks:P ..

hey girl named lucero :D

i'm more concerned with the job and scholarship. our government is very strict on and about immigrations. if you will study here, that's good enough. just be very watchful and tell our embassy assisting staff in Peru that you are here just to study, nothing more nothing less.

we have problems regarding illegal immigrations just like in the US and Europe. some guys come here and say they will study and all then will work for life. there's nothing wong with that as they support their families back home. but our govt won't be so considerate.

clarify to the embassy that you will only study and  that's it. jobs will come next. that's your discretion per se plus other considerations from employers regarding foreigner hiring.

there are other considerations out there from canadian/natives like me. good luck.